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This is a Solar Calendar  Developed by Wenge Fu with JavaFX. Click to start the calendar. When start this program with Java Web Start,  because of the default java security setting, you will be asked to confirm the network connection to several web sites, click OK when these popups show up, since this program need to retrieve weather, moon setting etc. info from these web services. 

 This Solar Calendar is a comprehensive calendar which shows:

    • The current date (in the center area) and time (in the solar clock in the left bottom area),

    • Shows year-around locations of days, months, seasons, solar terms, corresponding zodiac constellations related to the position of earth on the earth orbit around the sun.

    • Current position of earth on the earth orbit (on the first ring (in red) around the Sun. the red ring is scaled with Month and day location through out a year );

    • Current position of moon on moon's orbit (and relative positions of SUN, earth and Moon);

    • Current year of oriental zodiacal year cycle (highlighted in the oriental zodiac dish on right bottom area);

    • Current zodiacal month (highlighted in the 2nd, 6th, and 7th rings (from inside to outside), the multiple rings for zodiac show text and zodiac symbols, and also the location when the SUN appears inside a zodiacal constellation when seeing from earth in the direction of Sun (the zodiac image symbol flashing when earth move into the location).

    • Current solar term in the 24-solar terms which are used by most oriental calendars (highlighted in the 3rd ring (from inside to outside))

    • Current Season (the 4th ring from inside, colors the season temperature with cold and warm color gradients based on the actual seasons).

    • Current sunrise and sunset time for a given location (by ZIP code);
    • Current moon phase, moon rise and moon set times for a given location (by Zip code). These data is from the public web web site at: which covers more than 22000 towns and cities in US. The zip code is the same zip code used to get Yahoo. RSS weather data.

    • Solar clock which shows the current time and current relative position of Sun and the portion of day light time and night time within the 24 hours of a day.

    • Given location's longitude and latitude (by zip code);

    • Given location's current weather condition (specified by zip code) and updated every five minutes; The weather data is from the public available Yahoo's Weather RSS. User can change the location by entering a different zip code or locationID (details about location ID are available on

    • The GUI is self explained with pop up help tips while mouse point on a GUI component;

    • Play background music which can be stopped by a control buttons;

    • The Calendar can be run in two modes:

    • Calendar mode: which shows all information listed above;

    • Time flying mode: which demo the motion of earth around Sun, motion of Moon around earth, and dynamically highlight all related info listed above. A button is used to toggle between the two modes.

    • In the time flying mode, the speed of the motion can be changed by the slider.

    • The main GUI is re-sizable, and can be toggle between full screen mode and un-full screen mode. 

    • The stand alone version of this program can remember the zip code your entered, so you don't have to re-type again when your start the program next time.

If you like it, you can run it from this web page or download into your desktop and run it from there.

Note: some images (zodiac images) used in this program are taken from public web sites.  This author thanks to these  people who created these iamges.  If copyright is a problem, please contact me.  If you have any question or comment, please contact Wenge Fu (


Last updated on May 25, 2009