2016 Potomac Open


East   -   Fri, Aug 19, 2016
9013:00 PM3:15 PMPrelimary JuvenilePractice Ice (Practice)
9023:15 PM3:30 PMIntermediatePractice Ice (Practice)
3:30 PM3:45 PMIce Resurface
13:45 PM5:00 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)ALadies
25:00 PM6:15 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)BLadies
6:15 PM6:25 PMIce Resurface
36:25 PM7:40 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)CLadies
47:40 PM9:00 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)DLadies
9:00 PM9:10 PMIce Resurface
59:10 PM10:00 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)Men

West   -   Fri, Aug 19, 2016
1016:30 PM6:50 PMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)AGirls
1026:50 PM7:10 PMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)BGirls
1037:10 PM7:35 PMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)CGirls
1047:35 PM8:10 PMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)DGirls
1058:10 PM8:35 PMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)E
1068:35 PM8:50 PMJuvenile Test TrackFree Skate (6.0)Girls

East   -   Sat, Aug 20, 2016
9037:00 AM7:15 AMPrelimary JuvenilePractice Ice (Practice)
9047:15 AM7:30 AMPrelimary JuvenilePractice Ice (Practice)
9057:30 AM7:45 AMnovicePractice Ice (Practice)
7:45 AM8:00 AMIce Resurface
68:00 AM8:30 AMPre-JuvenileFree Skate (6.0)AGirls
78:30 AM9:05 AMPre-JuvenileFree Skate (6.0)BGirls
89:05 AM10:25 AMNoviceShort Program (IJS)ALadies
10:25 AM10:35 AMIce Resurface
910:35 AM11:50 AMNoviceShort Program (IJS)BLadies
90611:50 AM12:05 PMIntermediatePractice Ice (Practice)
90712:05 PM12:20 PMJunior SeniorPractice Ice (Practice)
12:20 PM12:30 PMIce Resurface
1012:30 PM2:00 PMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)ALadies
112:00 PM3:35 PMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)BLadies
3:35 PM3:45 PMIce Resurface
123:45 PM5:00 PMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)CLadies
135:00 PM5:55 PMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)Men
145:55 PM6:25 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)Boys
6:25 PM6:35 PMIce Resurface
156:35 PM7:35 PMJuniorShort Program (IJS)Ladies
167:35 PM7:45 PMIntermediatePairs Free Skate (Exhibition)
177:45 PM8:05 PMMasters Int / NovFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
187:45 PM8:05 PMAdult GoldFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
8:05 PM8:15 PMIce Resurface
198:15 PM9:30 PMSeniorShort Program (IJS)Ladies

West   -   Sat, Aug 20, 2016
1078:00 AM9:45 AMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)AGirls
1089:45 AM11:25 AMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)BGirls
11:25 AM11:35 AMIce Resurface
10911:35 AM1:20 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)CGirls
1101:20 PM3:05 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)DGirls
3:05 PM3:15 PMIce Resurface
1113:15 PM3:35 PMNoviceShort Program (IJS)Men
1123:15 PM3:35 PMSeniorShort Program (IJS)Men
1133:35 PM4:00 PMOpen JuvenileFree Skate (IJS)Boys
1143:35 PM4:00 PMOpen JuvenileFree Skate (IJS)Girls

East   -   Sun, Aug 21, 2016
9087:00 AM7:15 AMnovicePractice Ice (Practice)
9097:15 AM7:30 AMJunior SeniorPractice Ice (Practice)
9107:30 AM7:45 AMJunior SeniorPractice Ice (Practice)
7:45 AM8:00 AMIce Resurface
208:00 AM9:20 AMNoviceFree Skate (IJS)ALadies
219:20 AM10:50 AMNoviceFree Skate (IJS)BLadies
10:50 AM11:00 AMIce Resurface
2211:00 AM12:15 PMJuniorFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
2312:15 PM12:40 PMJuniorFree Skate (IJS)Men
2412:15 PM12:40 PMNoviceFree Skate (IJS)Men
12:40 PM12:50 PMIce Resurface
2512:50 PM2:20 PMSeniorFree Skate (IJS)Ladies

The schedule is subject to change (Rev.2).  Please check the time of your events when you arrive at the rink.

We regret that we cannot be liable for travel, lodging, or other costs incurred based on the tentative schedule.

Starting orders will be posted at the rink on the first day of competition.  Please note that posted warm-up groups may be changed if there are scratches and there is enough time to alert the skaters.  Changes to warm-up groups will be indicated on the starting orders.