Great Reading

Great Reading


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Grassroots International,

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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – Barbara Kingsolver

Eat Here – Brian Halwell

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan

In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan

Food Rules – Michael Pollan

Genetically Engineered Food –Martin Teitel & Kimberly Wilson

This Organic Life – Joy Dye Gussow

Hope’s Edge – Frances Moore Lappe & Anna Lappe

The God of Small Things – Arundati Roy

Power Politics - Arundati Roy

Water Ways -  Vandana Shiva

Staying Alive - Vandana Shiva

Stolen Harvest - Vandana Shiva

Biopiracy - Vandana Shiva

Tomorrow’s Biodiversity – Vandana Shiva

The Future of Food and Seed - Terra Madre

A Handmade Life - W.M.S. Copenwaith

The Secret Teachings of Plants - Stephen Harrod Buhner

Sharing the Harvest - Robyn En & Elizabeth Henderson

Silent Spring - Rachel Carson

The Sea Around Us - Rachel Carson

The Edge of the Sea - Rachel Carson

Under the Seawind - Rachel Carson

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – Annie Dillard

The Garden Primer - Barbara Damroch

Gardening for Life - Marie Thun

The Secret Life of Plants – Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

Secrets of the Soil - Peter Tomkins & Christopher Bird

The Soul of the Soil - Grace Gershuny

Cosmos, Earth, and Nutrition – Richard Thornton Smith

Mycelium Running – Paul Stamets

The Resilient Gardener – Carol Deppe

Cultivating an Ecological Conscience – Fred Kirschenmann

The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants & Keeping the Plants Alive – Martin Prechtel

21st century Greens: Leaf Vegetables in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture -David Kennedy

Wild Fermentation – Sandor Katz

Gorgeous Vegetables – Annie Bell

Salad Makes the Meal – Wiley Mullens

Keeping Food Fresh – Gardeners and Farmers of Terra Vivante

Healing with Whole Foods – Paul Pitchford

Worms eat My Garbage – Mary Appelhof

The One-Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm - Stephen Harrod Buhner 

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants - Robin Wall Kimmerer

Restoration Agriculture - Mark Shepherd

The Farm as Ecosystem - Jerry Brunetti

The Organic Farming Manual - Ann Larkin Hansen

Genetically Engineered Food: A Self Defense Guide - Ronnie Cummins and Ben Lilliston

Seeds of Deceptin - Jeffrey M. Smith

GMO Free - Mae-Wan Ho and LimLi Ching

American Terroir - Rowan Jacobsen

The Chain: Farm, Factory and the Fate of Our Food - Ted Genoways

The Meat Racket - Christopher Leonard

Turn Here, Sweet Corn - Attina Diffley

Farming with Native Beneficial Insects - The Xerces Society

Eating on the Wild Side - Jo Robinson

The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resilience, and Farming - Natasha Bowens

Seeds - Thor Hanson

Herbal Kitchen - Dan and Myrl Moran

Soil Sisters - Lisa Kivirist

Women Farmers On The Rise and Sustainable Agriculture - Carolyn Sachs et al

Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability - Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman

Farms With A Future - Rebecca Thistlewaite