About You

About You

Picky Eaters, Vegephobes, and Healthy Eating Resolutionists

This is your chance to be introduced to good vegetables that are worth the courage and actually taste pretty good. We work with you -- never a bushel of any one thing, lots of variety of color, shape, texture, and flavor, and help in the form of recipes, easy suggestions, and flexibility. Best of all, you can learn more about the story of this produce, see the gardens at various parts of the season, and meet others who are trying just as hard as you to do the right thing by your health and the earth. Go team!

Babies, Toddlers, and the Adults that Feed Them
There is no better time to come green on your own food choices than now when you are helping little ones learn one of the most important lessons in life -- how to eat. We offer small household amounts of different varieties with lots of flavor, color, and texture to experiment with at home and enjoy. And all of our food is grown in ways that boost the nutrition and have no harmful chemicals. We'll offer help on food ideas and can host you at the farm to help the connection between food and gardens grow.

Small Households Looking for Food on the Go
We have it! Lots of our food is grown for quick preparation -- salads, stir fries, salsas, veggie sticks and dips. You could replace a few deli meals easily with what is in your bag. We pick around a theme so the selections "work" together and give you suggestions for a simple presentation each week. Grab your condiments! Fresh eating can be just as convenient as hunting and gathering in the drive thru lane and lots better for you and your planet.

Peace and Justice Activists
Our connection to the land, to the source of our nourishment, is fundamental to social justice and peace. We believe a right relationship to the natural world is essential to ending exploitation and violence in society, conflicts related to unequal allocation of natural resources, and insecurity regarding food and water. Globally, locally grown food priortizes food for people in the region and allows farmers to set fair prices and regain control of production. Self determined peoples typically use less toxic materials in the field, and grow more traditional food varieties, creating less waste and better health. We believe resources as fundamental as food and water should be the province of the people.

All I Really Want Is an Heirloom Tomato
We grow open-pollinated seeds, most of which have been passed down in communities for generations. These are vegetables with real taste and significantly more nutrition. We have tomatoes -- more than 60 heirlooms growing in any given year-- but also a dozen or so heirloom cucumbers, summer squash, types of radish, and herbs. We have several kinds of carrots, beets, peppers, peas, beans, kales, turnips. We have over 30 types of lettuce, 40 kinds of greens, a dozen spinaches, and many traditional foods from different cultures. ForĀ  many of these seeds we have become the keepers of the legacy, growing out our own seed year to year. We grow heirlooms which take a bit more work on our part because we believe they are better in every way.

Looking for Green
We're committed to the least impact and footprint in our production of healthy food. None of your food will be flown in or warehoused. We grow to organic standards, then raise the bar several notches with minimal tillage, rainwater collection, passive solar greenhouses, reuse materials in buildings, herbal tea sprays, vegan compost, living mulches, nectaries for bees, and cruelty free practices. When the produce comes to you, it is packed in reuseable cloth bags which you return each week to receive a fresh bag of produce. We're out to demonstrate that quality healthy food can be enjoyed without compromising our commitments to the earth.

Show Me Food I Can Trust
Our produce comes to you in its natural state -- no additives, no sprays for color or anything else, no waxes or unnecessary handling. All the taste comes from the naturally fertile fields of our farm. We grow vegetables that are themselves healthy and vital so you benefit nutritionally. We take every precaution to promote safe food from seed to table and tell you what kinds of storage and preparation will help you maintain its quality. We believe food should nourish us on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. Our food is rated (*****) by native bees.