About Us

About Us

Webster Farm Organic, established in 1980, is an 80 acre farm in Granite Ledge Township, Benton County, Minnesota. We have ten acres in vegetable and covercrop production, plus multiple greenhouses and high tunnels. The balance of the farm is woodland, meadow, creeks, and wetland. This is our 20th year of Salad Days.

The mission of Webster Farm Organic is to make peace  with food. To us this means:

  • to grow quality open-pollinated vegetables, fruits, and herbs that support the nutritional needs of conscientious eaters and improve our community relationship to food.
  • to work in concert with the rhythms of the natural world, with the soil and microorganisms, water, air, native plants and animals and to restore the ecosystem in which the farm thrives. 
  • to work for all people's food security in availability, affordability, nutritional content, in viability of food production into the next generations and to create the atmosphere of peace in which all gardens thrive.

We use the least invasive and disruptive practices, rainwater collection systems, passive solar, wild buffers, and habitat preservation so that our fertility, pest and disease control are a result of natural balance. We have no farm animals and use no animal by-products in the fields. Our goal is long term health of the soil and environment while producing highly nutritious food for committed households.