Membership 2017

This is the year to Take A Stand and

Sit Down at Your Table

We begin our 20th year of Community Supported Agriculture convinced more than ever that addressing the quality and sustainability of our food supply is at the heart of all social and environmental justice issues. Pull up a chair! Let's talk!

Food Builds Community. Whether at the table, over the garden fence, or participating in an ecological food system, we can together eat better, feel better, think better, be better.

We want to engage you in the pleasure of food that connects and changes the dynamics.

Good fresh food doesn't need a lot of fussing. Each week you will get  modest quantities of numerous fresh herbs, greens, fruiting plants, and roots -- all planted and harvested around a theme to make them easier to use. They will be colorful, varied in texture, and delicious, and all heirloom open pollinated choices from around the world.

If you are passionate about a sustainable world for all, please join us this year.

"Salad Days" CSA - At A Glance

  • Fresh, diverse bag, sized and priced for smaller households -- more variety, less of each item
  • 450+ varieties of heirloom vegetables and herbs from many cultures.
  • Recipes, Newsletters, Farm Events, Facetime with Farmers each week, Ideas, Workshops
  • Personal pack sheets for Allergy Avoidance, More of/Less of, Vacation Scheduling

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Webster Farm Organic proudly presents Salad Days!

Each week is unique

We are people of the Earth, deeply committed to a sustainable and just world. Our praxis is the production of healthy food in cooperation with the ecosystem. Community Supported Agriculture is a food system that provides consumers with quality seasonal food from known land and farmers. We believe everyone should have food security: available, safe, accessible.

Webster Farm Organic engages members in good eating and natural connections with the land and seasons on Salad Days, eighteen weekly deliveries of fresh organic produce.

At Webster Farm Organic, we take a wholistic approach to the food web and the sustainability of all partners. We also commit to fun, creativity, and enjoyment of the natural world, wonders we like to share. Members are invited to participate in the community life of the farm, to awaken the fields and wild creatures at Mayfest, and to visit the farm for any of our Earth Camp events.

Salad Days are times for members and farmers. Members sign up for one of the Metro delivery sites on Thursday evenings and receive the week's produce, newsletters, monthly seasonal recipes, events announcements, and a chance to ask questions and share ideas. 

Meet Your Farmer - Earth Day - April 22

Celebrating Record Store Day with Hymies Records and

Blue Moon Coffee Cafe - noon to 6