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Webster Farm Organic Salad Days
Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA)

"Salad Days" CSA - At A Glance

  • Fresh, diverse bag, sized and priced for smaller households -- more variety, less of each item
  • 450+ varieties of heirloom vegetables and herbs from many cultures.
  • Recipes, Newsletters, Farm Events, Facetime with Farmers each week, Ideas, Workshops
  • Personal pack sheets for Allergy Avoidance, More of/Less of, Vacation Scheduling

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You have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of salad ingredients grown organically and locally, delivered fresh weekly, that will entice you to the healthiest eating imaginable, and allow you to participate with us in the adventure of Community Supported Agriculture.

Webster Farm Organic proudly presents Salad Days!

Bags vary by week throughout the season.  Examples below...

We are people of the Earth, deeply committed to a sustainable and just world. Our praxis is the production of healthy food in cooperation with the ecosystem. Community Supported Agriculture is a food system that provides consumers with quality seasonal food from known land and farmers. We believe everyone should have food security: available, safe, accessible.

Webster Farm Organic engages members in good eating and natural connections with the land and seasons on Salad Days, eighteen weekly deliveries of fresh organic produce.

At Webster Farm Organic, we take a wholistic approach to the food web and the sustainability of all partners. We also commit to fun, creativity, and enjoyment of the natural world, wonders we like to share. Members are invited to participate in the community life of the farm, to awaken the fields and wild creatures at Mayfest, and to visit the farm for any of our Earth Camp events.

Salad Days are times for members and farmers. Members sign up for one of the Metro delivery sites on Thursday evenings and receive the week's produce, newsletters, monthly seasonal recipes, events announcements, and a chance to ask questions and share ideas. Meet at the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe in Minneapolis 5:00 - 6:00 or Garden of Eva in St.Paul 6:30 - 7:30. Members in the neighborhood of the farm are welcomed Friday Evenings. We offer late pick-ups and vacation scheduling by prior arrangement.