Whispering Firs Golf Course clubhouse from the 18th fairway.

Welcome to the Whispering Firs Men's Golf Club (WFMGC) home page.
  • WFMGC (formerly wfmga) has been serving the Active Duty and Retired Military/DOD golfing community at McChord AFB since 1965. 
  • We will post the monthly Minutes (Newsletter-wfnlyymm) after each meeting.
  • We will also try to provide the results of our tournaments and other things of interest.  
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all scheduled events are restricted to WFMGC members.
  • Use the menu on the left to navigate the website.
  • Most tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.) and smart phones with internet capabilities can view this website. If the website does not scroll, try spreading the touch screen slightly.

  Next Meeting:  1st Meeting 2019

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