Emerald Coast Review 2017

The Emerald Coast Review (Vol. XIX) now available on Amazon.
It includes works by writers, artists and photographers 
Wayne Abrahamson, 
Pamela Akins, Patricia Belote, Sarah Bender, David Blanton, William Cass, Malachi Champion, Charlotte Crane, Darje, Bill Davis, Autry Dye, Patricia Edmisten, Linda Hansell, Margret Hildreth, Mark Hinton, Abena Isake, Anne James, Joshua Jones, Kathryn Knudson, Marc Livanos, Claire Massey, Hilary McIndoo, Karen Morris, Susan Marie Molloy, Katherine Nelson-Born, Leslie Owen, Rachel Reese, Laura Richards, Sarah Richards, Mike Roberts, Lucia Robinson, Andrew Rooney, Diane Skelton, Joann Smith, Sam Smith, Tracey Squaire, Mark Swan, Carolyn Tokson, Tom Turner, Christine Valentine, Dirk Van Nouhuys, Andrea Walker, Patricia Walters, Soo Yung Yun, and Lori Zavada. To Order click       
Emerald Coast Review is a biennial literary anthology published by West Florida Literary Federation since
1989. ECR has enjoyed a history of publishing diverse styles in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, art, and graphic design by authors on the Emerald Coast.  The last two editions of ECR have expanded the boundaries of submissions across the globe.  Emerald Coast Review XVIII: The Writer as Artist also added a special themed section, which will continue with a new theme for the special section in each volume. 

ECR continues to encourage both established and new writers, poets, and artists.  We hope to encourage students of the arts at all levels to find eager audience for their work in the pages of ECR.  Students from University of West Florida work with us as editorial interns, the submission fee for students is lowered, and for the last two years generous members of WFLF have contributed funds to cover some of the submission fees for student writers and artists.

The current editor of Emerald Coast Review is Dr. Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, instructor at UWF. You may contact her at emeraldcoastreview@gmail.com for any inquiries about ECR.

You can order back issues of Emerald Coast Review on Amazon.com or by contacting us at emeraldcoastreview@gmail.com.

The submission fee for ECR helps with minor fees associated with publication of the journal, but the bulk of the funds go back into WFLF to help fund programs to promote the literary arts in our community.  Submission fee is $10 or $5 for students.

We are currently open for submissions for Volume XIX until June 1, 2017. 

Click on this link to submit: https://emeraldcoastreviewecr.submittable.com/submit

Submission Guidelines click here

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