Poet Laureate

Jamey Jones, a fifth generation Pensacolian and instructor at Pensacola State College, is the seventh Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida, a title awarded by West Florida Literary Federation.

He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Long Island University in New York, is well known in national and local poetry circles. He taught at Long Island University and has worked with some of the most influential figures in contemporary poetry, but never lost touch with his place in Pensacola.  His book of poetry Blue Rain Morning (Farfella, 2011) resonates with the meaning of place, beginning and ending in Pensacola.

After two and a half years of studying, teaching, writing and editing poetry in New York, he returned to Pensacola teaching at Ferry Pass Middle School, Pensacola State and University of West Florida. He currently teaches American Literature and English Composition at Pensacola State.

In the last five years, he has worked with major contemporary poets including Barbara Henning, Bernadette Mayer, Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman. A decade earlier, he studied under Allen Ginsberg and Joanne Kyger.

As poet laureate, Jones hopes to draw national attention to the diverse poetry community of Northwest Florida by bringing international poets to Pensacola for readings and workshops. He also wants to connect residents through public poetry workshops and readings, especially in hospitals, assisted living facilities and schools Jamey may be contacted by email jonesin4words@yahoo.com. PHOTO BY ROWAN BORN


The Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida is an area resident honored by West Florida Literary Federation for his or her record as a published poet and whose work is regarded by the community as representative of this region.  Former poet laureates include Adelia Rosasco-Soule (1986), a world traveler and author of several books including Panhandle Memories; Leonard A. Temme (1989), PhD, a research physiologist with Naval Aerospace Medical Research Lab; Mary Hood (1992), PhD, a professor of microbiology at University of West Florida; Laurie O'Brien (1995), the Director of the Creative Writing Program and Associate Professor of English at University of West Florida; Dr. Henry Langhorne II (2003), MD, a Pensacola cardiologist; and Juliet Z. DeMarko, MA, former restauranteur and chef.

April 16, 2013, during the Viva Florida 500 Literary Reflection prior to Open Mic, Past Poet Laureate Julie DeMarko explains the role of the poet laureate.

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