Student Poetry Contest

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2017 Collection of Student Poetry Winners

2017 WFLF Escambia County Student Poetry Contest Winners

1st-2nd Grade Division: First: Natalie Jackson, 2nd grade, “At the Beach,” Episcopal Day School, Ms. Caldwell; Second, Jacob Weekley, 2nd grade, “Dark and Light,” EDS, Ms. Garner; Third, Gus Brown, 2nd grade, “Spring,”EDS, Ms. Caldwell; Honorable Mention, Havanna Walker, 2nd grade, “And When the Sun Comes Up, ” EDS, Ms. Garner; Director’s Selection:  Elle Palmer, 2nd grade, “Hiking Up the Valley,” EDS, Ms. Caldwell; Wilmer Mitchell, 2nd grade, “Camping,” EDS, Ms. Caldwell; Kendall Skitt, 2nd grade, “The Rough Gulf, ” EDS, Ms. Garner; Harper O’Hanlon, 2nd grade, “When the Sun Rises,”EDS, Ms. Caldwell; Makaila Thomas, 2nd grade,“Ocean,” EDS, Ms. Caldwell. 

3rd-4th Grade Division: First: Katie Overholtz, 3rd grade, “On a Sunny Day,” Episcopal Day School,  Ms. Taylor; Second: Kyrie King, 4th grade, “Angel of the Night,” N.B. Cook, Mrs. Jackson; Third: Alastair Casler, 4th grade, “Mysteries of the Deep,”N.B. Cook, Ms. Ferrara; Honorable Mention: Spencer Clark, 4th grade, “Am I A Poet?”N.B. Cook, Mrs. Jackson; Director’s Selection: Grace Timmons, 4th grade, “What  it’s Like,” N.B. Cook, Ms. Ferrara; Camden Mandel, 4th grade, “Sunrise,” N.B. Cook, Mrs. Jackson; Aubree Lowery, 4th grade, “The Sun Dances into the Sky,” N.B. Cook, Ms. Ferrara; Arrianna Young, 4th grade, “And When the Sun Rises,” N.B. Cook, Mrs. Jackson; Mia Angeles, 4th grade, “Sunshine,” N.B. Cook, Mrs. Jackson. 

5th-6th Grade Division: First: Mason Juliusson, 6th grade, “The Shift from Darkness,”Ferry Pass Middle, Mr. Bridges; Second, Tori Vinson, 6th grade, “And When the Sun Rises…” PATS Center, Ms. Haddocks; Third: Samantha Parris, 5th grade, “The Sun Rises,” N.B. Cook, Ms. King; Honorable Mention: Christian Huynh, 6th rade,“Elemental,” Ferry Pass Middle, Mr. Bridges; Director’s Selection: Gemma O’Day, 5th grade, “Outerspace,” Episcopal Day School, Ms. Boyles; Kieyla Jones, 5th grade, “What Happens When the Sun Rises?”Hellen Caro, Ms. Hahn; Joone Kim, 6th grade, “Pitch Black,” Ferry Pass Middle, Mr. Bridges; Victor Ceniceros, 6th grade, “When it Fades Away,”Ferry Pass Middle, Mr. Bridges; Amelia Vines, 6th grade, “When the Sun Drops Gold,” Myrtle Grove, Mrs. Brummet. 

7th-8th Grade Division: First: Trent Lowe, 8th grade, “All lives Matter,” Little Flower School, Ms. Hughes; Second: Graybill Partington, 8th grade, “Sunny, My Days are Now Darker,” Episcopal Day School, Ms. Majors; Third: Gabrielle Vines, 8th grade, “A Sun Rises in War,” PATS Center, Ms. Haddocks; Honorable Mention: Emily Doyle, 7th grade, “Hurricane Katrina,” EDS, Ms. Robinson; Director’s Selection: James Young, 7th grade, “The Sun Rises,” EDS, Ms. Majors; Director’s Selection: Ella Major, 7th grade, “Untitled,” EDS, Ms. Robinson; Allie Sinkovich, 8th grade, “You,” EDS, Ms. Majors; Chris Moulton, 7th grade, “Morning at Belleau,” EDS, Ms. Majors; Irelyn Thomson, 7th grade, “The Power of One,”EDS, Ms. Majors. 

9th-10th Grade Division: First: Ari’abasi Jenkins, 9th grade, “The Sun Rises,” Tate High School, Ms. Sarikaya;  Second: Nashva Brouchton, 9th grade, “Traveling Bear,” Tate High School, Ms. Sarikaya; Third: Gwendolyn Austin, 10th grade, “As the Sun Rises,” Tate High School, Ms. Moorehead; Honorable Mention: Michael Rogers III, 9th grade, “Cosmic Pantry,”Tate High School, Ms. Pardue; Director’s Selection: Arianna Friedl, 10th grade, “Everything Will Change,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Michelle Luther, 10th grade, “Last Goodbye,” Tate High School, Ms. Young; Payton Conner, 10th grade, “December 23rd,,”Pine Forest High, Lawrence Copenhaver; Tyteeyona Williams, 9th grade, “Messy Girls,” Tate High School, Ms. Sarikaya. 

11th-12th Grade Division: First: Evelyn Odom, 11th grade, “A View From the Heavens,” Pensacola High, Ms. Powers; Second: Sal Caligiuri, 11th grade, “And When the Sun Rises,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Third: Lindsay Sharp, 11th grade, “Love is the Thing with Daggers,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Honorable Mention: Leslee Scruggs, 11th grade, “Night Game,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Director’s Selection: Hannah Lawerance, 11th grade, “My Sunrise, ” Tate High School, Ms. Sarikaya; Kaylee Everett, 11th grade, “Secrets,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Jennifer Repine, 11th grade, “And When the Sun Rises,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; Samantha Harrell, 11th grade, “Frenemies,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; James Jordan-ward, 11th grade, “And When the Sun Rises,”Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald; James Chism, 11th grade, “Resurrection,” Tate High School, Ms. MacDonald.


January 18, 2017

Director Announces 2017 Student Poetry Theme

Student writers can explore the light and its brilliance to win cash prizes in this year’s Escambia County Student Poetry Contest.  The theme “And when the Sun rises” is open to interpretation and. offers endless opportunities for creativity for both younger and older students, says Susan Lewis, contest director.

The annual contest, sponsored by West Florida Literary Federation, culminates in April, National Poetry Month. Any Escambia County student in grade 1-12 who is enrolled in public, private, or home school programs may enter.

According to Lewis, successful poems are a “product of the student’s own experience, observations and world. Winning poems use imagery, sensory impressions and vivid language to express original thoughts.”

The winners in six grade categories will read their poems at Books A Million, 6235 North Davis, Pensacola, Saturday, April 29 at 2 p.m. First, second and third place winners and Director’s Selection receive cash prizes. Honorable mention winners receive gift cards. Winning poems are published by West Florida Literary Federation, and student poets are later honored at the book’s launch. Winners receive a complimentary copy of the book which includes their published poems.

Submissions must be typed on 8 ½  x 11 paper, attached to an official entry form and submitted to the Main Library, Children’s Department, 200 West Gregory St., Pensacola by 3 p.m., Friday, March 31.
Entry forms are also available at the Office of School Choice, in the Home School Office, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola; from English/Language Arts teache­­rs; There is no submission fee. For more information, e-mail Susan Lewis at