TfL Money being squandered

Post date: Nov 28, 2011 5:09:43 PM


Why is TFL money being squandered in Wood Street? Much of the £1.8M has been spent on the Plaza creating a granite desert. There appears to be no money left to plant up the granite planters which are just a mess. The previous layout had plenty of planting areas which were also ignored by the council leaving it looking a mess. Why couldn’t Kier have been given some of the money to look after the landscaping – they manage the planting boxes around the Borough very well?

Now all the attractive street lights, which were only installed a few years ago, are being scrapped and replaced with bland taller lights. More lights in trees, which cannot be good for the trees or the birds that use them, to say nothing of the extra electricity costs are to be installed. How long will it be before Public Realm realise they can’t maintain them?

The dangerous traffic junction by Wood Street Station is being ignored as being too difficult to find a solution for.

New paving has been laid from Wood Street Station to Whipps Cross roundabout creating numerous parking bays which restrict the pavement width so that a wheelchair or pram cannot negotiate the space s – how can this be an improvement for pedestrians? Even the cars have to mount the granite curb to reach the parking spaces.

As councillors we urge you to get a grip on the Public Realm department before any more money is squandered. If money has to be spent (and we thought £65m was supposed to be saved) why not resurface the pavements in residential streets, many of which have not been re-surfaced in over 30 years!