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Solar Panels and Flagpoles for Council Buildings

posted 9 Dec 2011, 08:12 by Waltham Forest Civic Society
The following Planning Application have been submitted by Waltham Forest Council.
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 Installation of Solar Panels
2011/1512/LA                                    Assembly Hall, Chingford
2011/1515/LA  and 2011/1523/LB    Town Hall, Forest Road
2011/1530/LA  and 2011/1531/LB     Assembly Hall, 703 Forest Road
2011/1534/LA                                   Essex Hall, 313 Billet Road
2011/1535/LA                                    Sycamore House, Forest Road 
2011/1537/LA                                    Mapleton House, Chingford  
2011/1539/LA                                    Juniper House, 221 Hoe Street
Erection of 9m high Flag Pole
2011/1502/LA                                     Wood Street Library
2011/1503/LA                                     Hale End Library
2011/1505/LA                                     Leyton Library
2011/1507/LA                                     Assembly Hall, Chingford
2011/1508/LA                                     Vestry House Museum
2011/1528                                          Public Gardens 382 Lea Bridge Road
2011/1529/LA                                     Walthamstow Town Square