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Low Hall Sports Field to be an Olympic Camp Site

posted 31 Jan 2012, 13:52 by Waltham Forest Civic Society

Proposed Olympic Campsite on Low Hall Sports Field

About 40 residents attended a public meeting in the Council Chamber addressed by the Director of Public Realm and Big Events Camping (BEC). The Ward councillors gave their apologies as they had other meetings to attend. The council has signed a lease with BEC to enable them to use the site for up to 5,000 campers from 26th July to 30th August. There will be no parking and a CPZ will be placed around the area to ensure residents parking is not taken.

Planning Permission is not required as it is a short term change of use but a Temporary Entertainment Licence (TEN) is required and consultation on that will start soon. This will give residents a chance to comment on the hours alcohol is permitted to be sold and the time entertainment is permitted. The council assured the audience that extra enforcement officers will be available to ensure the CPZ and noise and Licensing conditions are met.

WF Transport (a charity) will provide the shuttle service from Argall Avenue to the Olympic entrance – a journey expected to take 5 minutes. It was not made clear how campers will arrive at the site but they would travel from St James Street and Markhouse Road down the residential streets. Delivery of goods would be via Argall Avenue with access through the council’s Low Hall depot.

BEC explained they were a large organisation specialising in providing camp sites and entertainment for the campers. They expected a large proportion of families to come to the site and about 50% from the UK with a large proportion being workers at the Olympic site. They would provide a security force to ensure the safety of campers and to ensure there was no disturbance to residents. Residents would be offered free tickets to the various entertainment sessions that were being planned.

The audience asked a range of questions and they were encouraged to respond to the licensing consultation when it starts.