Minutes of meetings

Minutes of the monthly meetings will be listed here for three months.

Country Fayre 19 October 2021

After a two year gap this year’s country fayre was opened by Sheila Vogwell who welcomed returning judges Neil Coad and Sarah Simpson. Sheila thanked everyone for their contributions which made this meeting a success. Prizes and certificates were issued as follows:


Cupcakes - Helen Stones

Victoria Cheese Scones - Shirley Early, 2nd Tracy Chevis

Sponge - Sandra Jones, 2nd Gwyneth Brewster

Jam - Julie Norris, 2nd Sue Murray

Chutney -Judy Carr 2nd Tracy Chevis

Liqueurs and Gin - Tracy Chevis


Countryside - Jo White, 2nd Sheila Vogwell

Sea Photos - Jo White, 2nd Elise Potter


Water colour painting - Julia Hawker, 2nd Christine Rashleigh-Berry

Oil/Acrylic painting - Shirley Early, 2nd Judy Backwell

Floral Arrangement - Sheila Vogwell, 2nd Sandra Jones

Handmade Forage Item - Julie Norris with sea glass

Sewing - Quilts - Isabel Hale, 2nd Sue King, 2nd Margaret Dick

Meeting 16 November 2021 – Christmas flower arranging by Jay Cockett – Floral Couture by Jay

Unfortunately, due to a police incident immediately outside the Angling Club, Commercial Road was cordoned off by the police for a couple of hours. As a result, the meeting was cancelled. Despite this 27 intrepid members found their way into the angling club where most stayed for an hour or so and used the opportunity to catch up with fellow members. Jay was contacted and he confirmed the police had refused to allow him through because of the incident. Jay has confirmed he will now give a demonstration with a spring theme next March – hopefully!