Tuition & Fees

Wevodau Dance Center offers 40 weeks of dance education during our Fall-Spring Session, 
running September-June. 
Tuition is based on a four week month or a forty week year. Each month students are required to pay full Tuition. 

Our Summer Session runs July- August and tuition is a one-time payment that covers the whole summer. 

Prices Per Month For 
Fall-Spring Session 2016-2017

 Class/ Level Monthly Amount
 Toddler/Pre-School $50.00
 Levels 1, 2, & Adult  $70.00
 Levels 3 & 4 $75.00
 Level 5 $80.00
 Musical Theatre ONLY  (not  enrolled in any other levels) $60.00
Add-On Classes
 Musical Theatre
 Extra Levels
 Encore Dance Company
 $10.00 per Class
   per Month

Prices For One-Time Payment 
For Full Summer Session

 Pre-School & Toddler $95.00
 Levels 1-5, or Adult $130.00
 Add-On Classes
 $10.00 Each

Tuition is due in full on the first of the month for Fall-Spring.

Tuition is due in full on the first day of summer classes for the summer session (one-time payment).

Tuition is 25% off for 2nd sibling or family member! (fall-spring ONLY)**

We have NO registration or performance fees!

Students are responsible to make up any missed classes. They can be made up any time the class is offered.  

There are no rebates for missed classes or refunds if you cancel in the middle of the month/ summer. 

If you are doing multiple levels (ex. Level 4 & 5), pay FULL for the more expensive class, ADD ON $10 for each additional class. 

**Please note, additional discounts DO NOT apply for the summer session.