Show & Tickets 2019

Show Day 
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Eagle View Middle School
Cumberland Valley School District

Toddler/Pre-school Show - 11:00am
Company, Toddler, Pre-School, Intermediate Adult

Intermediate Show - 2:00pm
Company,  Level 1,  All 3 Contemporary, Beginner & Int/Adv Acro
Level 4, Level 5, Beginner & Int/Adv Hip-HopIntermediate Adult

Advanced Show - 7:00pm
Company, Levels 2, 3, 4, & 5, All 3 Contemporary, 
Beginner & Int/Adv AcroBeginner & Intermediate Adult, Beginner & Int/Adv Hip-Hop, Special Dances

Important Show Information

All students should be in their designated dressing areas at least 30 min before the 11am show and 1 hour before for the 2pm and 7pm shows. Students will find out where their dressing area is at the Thursday or Friday night Rehearsals. Once the student is in their area and checked in with their class, we ask that the parents please exit the dressing area. Parents are not allowed to remain in the dressing area during the show. All students will be supervised during the show by adults and teachers. 

Please have the student's hair and make-up ready when they arrive. They should also be in the correct costume for their first number. Please make sure they have all of their costumes, shoes, and accessories for each dance. It is helpful to bring a Laundry basket or other tote for students that have a lot of costumes. Please see the accessory list attached. 

Please write their names in their shoes, costumes, and on all personal belongings. They may bring a towel or small blanket to sit on as well as a book, coloring book, etc to keep them occupied during times they are waiting. Please avoid bringing valuables or electronic devices. Food and drinks are not permitted in the gym. 

Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail or bun and off of their face for the show. Their teachers will let them know ahead of time if there are any special requirements for their hair for the show. Make-up is not required but does help to enhance the dancer's face while on stage. Please stick to neutral colors with eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Please avoid the use of glitter with both make-up and hair. Do not wear any nail polish on the hands or feet unless it is clear. No jewelry is permitted except for clear stud earrings. 

Students must remain in their dressing areas throughout the duration of the show. Parents are NOT permitted to get their student to take them home until after the Finale of the show. This is for everyone's safety and to avoid interruptions to keep the show moving. If there is an emergency, please notify an usher. Once the show is over, the parents must go to their student's dressing room to pick them up.

If your student is in multiple shows, they are permitted to either leave in between or remain at the school, however they are not supervised between shows. They will need to have food for meals between shows as there will be none provided.

No one is permitted back stage unless they are a staff member or are dancing in the next number. Students who wish to watch other classes dances should attend their rehearsal night. We need to keep the back stage area clear for the dancers who are on stage. There will be staff in the wings to ensure that those areas remain clear at all times during the shows. 

Would you like to place an ad in our program?

For Business or personal Quarter, Half, or Full Page Ads, please fill out the Ad Sales Form and provide a copy of the ad in correct size/format. (see below)

For one-liner ads, please fill our the Patron Ads Form. (see below)

Forms and payment are due to the studio NO later than Sunday, May 19th (picture day)

You can email forms and ads to or drop them off in the studio during our regular hours.

Thank you for supporting our studio and show!!

Ticket Sales

Tickets go on sale at 4 pm on Sunday, May 19

Cost is $13 with a $1.55 handling fee.

Everyone ages 3 years old and up will need to purchase a ticket.

If you are attending more than one show, you will need a separate ticket for each. The first show is full price, then it's 30% off the second show, and 50% off the third show. 

Parents of students in multiple shows will receive a special code for their complimentary tickets to the second and/or third show.

The shows are at 11:00am, 2:00pm and 7:00pm. 

Please see above for which classes are performing in each show. 

Please be aware that there is another dance studio's recital taking place at the Cumberland Valley High School on the same day. Please make sure you drive up the hill past the high school to the middle school for our shows!

Eagle View Middle School