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 1. What should I do while my student is in class?For pre-school or toddler students, we ask that the parents remain at the studio during their 1 hour class. For all other students, you may stay at the studio or leave as long as the student is picked up promptly at the end of their class time. There are many stores and a mall close by as well as restaurants if you are looking for something to do. 

 2. Are there snack and drink machines at the studio? Yes, we have a vending machine for snacks and one for drinks. We also have a water fountain. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles with them to class and they may also bring their own snacks if desired. 

 3. What should my student do to prepare for class?Please make sure your student is wearing the proper dance attire and has all of their shoes needed class. Their hair must be pulled back out of their face. Please make sure your student has used the restroom before class also. Levels 1 and up will get breaks times during their 2 or more hour classes, but Toddler and Pre-school students do not as their class only runs for 1 hour. 

 4. Where should I park at the studio?There is limited parking in the lot by the entrance to the studio as well as a larger lot across the street and one next to the building. Please make sure you do not block the entrances or driveways even if you are just stopping to pick up or drop off. Sometimes the parking lot is very busy and we would like to allow everyone to get in and out as needed. 

 5. How does my student know if they can advance to the next level of class? The teachers will evaluate current students throughout the year. Once the student has met the criteria and has gained the required skills to advance, their teacher will let them know that they are permitted to move up. Each level is more difficult the higher they go and it is very important that the student has the necessary skills before they move to a more advanced class. 

 6. How can I find more information about upcoming events and register for upcoming classes? Please return to our new website often since our information will be frequently updated as soon as possible regarding events, the dance recital, picture day, etc. Also, new class schedules and registration information will be available online as well as soon as it is available.  You can also call or stop into the office if you have any questions or concerns.