14-SSB Allahabad,( july-2011)

16th july :

Departed for Allahabad with dad at 6.45pm. Mum and my sister came along to see-off . The train ‘Jodhpur-Howrah’ departed right time…I was first time going somewhere in train for an interview. Bit excited and nervous too. Very much worried about screening and stage 1 testing.

Our co-passenger was a man from army itself with his lil daughter .surprisingly, along with him on a different birth a colleague of him was an experienced SSB candidate and told us a lot about his SSB Bhopal experience. And also gave tips about the interview, screening process. Mainly the story writing and many more things that could help me in there.


17th july :

Reached Allahabad junction at 2.00 pm.


DAY-1 (18th july):

The reporting day. Reached railway station to report at MCO (Movement control Office) at 1.00pm which was on station platform behind the barricade Then after the time the army staff took us to cantt. In an army bus altogether towards Selection Centre East (cariappa Dwaar ). Finally.

Reaching there we were told to put our bags in waiting area and we were now taken to a large testing hall where we were sorted according to our SSB’s(14th or 18th SSB) and our allotted numbers. I was for 14-SSB.  Then we were given chest number . Mine was 39 and there were total of 89 candidates in 14-SSB. Then we headed towards our living area our was named “Tiger Hill”.. beds were choosen by us and then bedding was provided along with mosquito nets (most important), sheets and pillows.  

After we all settled down…we all were worried about the screening process, everywhere there was same discussion going on.. some were reading books about it. Dat got me more nervous…but I tried to keep cool . we talked to girls who were in stage –II and cleared the screening.. They gave us some tips to keep cool nd story writing and GD tips .(explained afterwards in page..). the day ended with the dinner in combined mess. We were not served lunch (as it was predefined in call letter “lunch will not be served on the day of arrival”  wow that’s army…everything is planned !!). well it was an awesome and green place .. tall grass all over …girls from different states and cities… all so nyc behaving…


DAY 2:   (19th july)

Morning started at 3.45 am, where for the very first time I woke up at 3.45 without any alarm…yeah that’s the army feeling. Got fresh nd took bath and got ready till 6.30 nd had breakfast . wow dat was proper breakfast.. bournvita milk, bread, jam, cutlet etc. and for meals they are strict timing perfectionist. before breakfast we all had  to pack our bags for those who don’t get selected in screening they will be taken to station for gud bye. Our bags were at waiting place… dat was a big area with chairs nd full of bags and suitcases. At 9.00am our screening test started .

1.     Aptitude (verbal & non-verbal).

2.     Story writing.

3.     Group discussion

And after dat we were free for the day. Till 4 pm. While waiting for the results ..we were taken to auditorium for intelligence test… it was oh too fast for us to track and also the concept was change frm what we expected…nd we all could not score up to the mark and we all were scared abot its result then … we were told about the intelligence test which would b added to sscreening test from the next time and this time it was only for a check. And will not be included in our marking … pheww… thank god..relieved ..!!

After that we were called out for results .. and then names were called out for selected candidates…my breath fluctuated … and the calling was in random sequence … but later when my name was called I was never so happy before … :D overjoyed … nd relaxed a lot when I joind my friends  mohana , barji, maneesha, vineeta, and now new chest number was given to each. This time mine was 34.

Finally we r out of auditorium now… I called dad  to tell him about my selection in screening.. he too was so happy for me.

Till then it was time for lunch and then we moved towards mess for lunch..had our lunch and then we moved back to our testing hall where we were told to fill a PIQ(personal information questionnaire) from which we will b asked questions n interview, it took a long time to fill those forms dat included marks from all semester nd many more unusual questions we took time to fill that it was 6.30 pm already.  I took my bags from waiting shed and went  to cafeteria (named- olive green) to see dad waiting to see me there I talked to mom on phone. He clicked my pic with chest number so happy to se me in dat apron type chest number. And I was with dad till 8 pm. Now it was dinner time. Dad left nd I went for dinner. Had dinner and then finally moved towards candidates line (our living area) “tiger hill”. The day was a lot tiresome. Everyone was talking about the day or were wondering here and there. As soon as I went to bed I fell asleep thanking god for the day. _/|\_


DAY 3:   (20th july):

The day next to screening was phycological test. Which consisted of story writing in a dozzier (booklet). Continuous 12 stories in a row and a bank screen story. Then on the same booklet, the situation reaction test ie 60 situations in 30 min. Dats it .. now we were free for the day today.

After the lunch we went to market.  Returning from there we went back to candidate lines . then to have dinner…nd then sleep.



DAY 4:   (21st july)

GTO task day. It started 6.45 am after breakfast. Went running in white and grey track suit we all bought specially for GTO, I was lacking such stamina everytime we were running there. We went running to the ground between the jungle area and cantt area.. at first it was a progressive group task. Three tasks to be completed by the group. We completed two out of three tasks. Then we all were taken to another ground with tall piller structures for snake race. There my stamina lost me but somehow I made it… I fell once while going up on a wodden pillar slanted on a wall.. as my shoes were filled with wet sand nd I slipped .. I went back there again..nd the most scary was to go between two walls from over a wooden pillar wihout any support .. my friends hold my hands during this … I was saved or else I might have some of my bone broken  .this was fine and our group won the race among two more groups.. now after dat we were taken back to gto ground for lecturett. Where topics were given nd we have to speak for 5 min. mine was ‘politics and criminals’ . there were three topics in a slip. We have to choose one out of them.  After that.. we had plan making task where we are given a situation and an effective way to save the situation is asked from all of us.

This was the last and we were free for the day. Some of us were immediately called for interview in same gto dress. :P  mine was scheduled for next day ie tomorrow. After this we wanted to go out to visit Anand Bhawan and celleraum.


DAY 5 :   (22nd july)

Second GTO day. Morning again same time 6.30am breakfast and at 9.00am to the GTO ground for individual tasks. We were under time limit and have to perform as many tasks all around the ground… muscles were paining from last day’s stretches and today also have to do all more stretching. I did tiger leap. Then three jump, Then rope come down, Burma bridge, also drum jump, then after did the command task where individual was given task with two helpers . we have to give instruction to helpers to complete the task. and then a final group task. Then we have to wait for the interview. Mine was scheduled at 3.30pm interview took 1 hour then we got free at 5.30pm. took rest and then dinner then back to sleep.



DAY 6 :    (23rd july )

Conference day. Started 8 am .it started with dressing up for the final interview.. it is named as conference coz there were many officials altogether judging ur expressions and ur replying style specially. The very first time y

Conference then result till 2pm. you see all of them in their uniform. Before it the interviewer, the handsome GTO officer, and the caretaker ‘sardarji’ all come in casuals. After the final interview, we were taken to the final hall to wait for the result. Then one of the interviewers comes and tells the requirements of officer. As the wish to see officer like qualities in you. He also elaborates means what he actually means by “office like qualities”. All the points are said by him in a sequence which I don’t remember now.

Only 6 out of the 40 candidates were selected for training...if they score above the cut off in all india merit list..


I was not selected… I was in gloom but never disappoint yourself… actually I did enjoyed this time not I can say to the fullest but whatever experience I had there was for life time… and the friends I met there became my lifetime friends.. I miss those days a lot … those 6 days on 14-SSB, Allahabad.