Computer Science Resources

Why teach computer science?
  • This compelling video from TEDxExeter 2014 is of Simon Peyton Jones, who wants children not just to consume technology, but to be creative with it. What does that mean for teaching computer science in schools?
Where can I find programs to learn computer science?
  • MassTLC Education Foundation provides a resource site listing after school programs, summer camps, professional development resources, curriculum, tools, and partners. 
  • This Google for Education site lists all of the Google programs available to students and teachers in one place. 
  • The ACM Computer Science website offers a lot of information for students, parents and teachers.
  • Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) website has a wealth of information for everyone.
Where can I find resources for advocating computer science education?
Where can I find examples of computer science curriculum?
Women and Computer Science
Interesting articles about learning computer science