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Wetlands Identification

Lexington, Massachusetts

Some of the services we provide:

  • Wetland Delineation
  • Wetland Mapping & Hydrology
  • Intermittent/Perennial Stream Determinations
  • Site Plans for Conservation Commission filings
  • Filings with Conservation Commisions for:
  • Stormwater Analysis & Permitting
  • Title V Soil Evaluation
  • Flood Zone Certificates & Mapping
  • Chap. 91 Historic Tidelands determinations
  • Department of Environmental Protection hearings
  • Conservation Commission hearings
  • Building Permit applications & plans

  • Wetlands Identification has been providing wetland consulting services in Eastern Massachusetts since 1996.

    We assist homeowners and others filing with Conservation Commissions and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 

    We use vegetation, soils and other indicators to delineate and flag wetlands.  State and local regulations guide the methods we use to do this.  In most cases, we write reports and/or provide plans for town Conservation Commissions' review, describing the site and the delineation. 

    We evaluate suitability of projects near wetlands, inclucing site hydrology, zoning requirements and wetland regulations.

    Wetlands Identification guides clients through the application and hearing process for an Order of Conditions (construction permit) from the Conservation Commission and the DEP.  We prepare applications and site plans for submission, and assist homeowners, architects, engineers and developers as needed.

    We perform soil evaluations for septic systems and stormwater infiltration systems, providing a Professional Engineer with groundwater data necessary for design.   That data includes Estimated Seasonal High Groundwater, soil consistency, and percolation rates. 

    We have reviewed abutting development projects for homeowners or others.

    We determine Mean High Water lines for rivers and streams,  perenniality of flow, and historic high and low tide lines.  Using remote mapping or on-the-ground surveys, we locate flood zones or Base Flood Elevations at a site.  

    In design or other stages of a project, we prepare topographic surveys showing wetland or property boundaries, with other existing or proposed features.

    Our staff is led by David A. Sperduto, a wetland delineator, botanist, wetland hydrologist, historic tidelands cartographer, DEP Approved Soil Evaluator, and Professional Land Surveyor.  He has been working in each of these fields 20 years or more.   He has been involved in a wide variety of projects adjacent to wetlands, streams and the ocean.  He has provided expert witness testimony in hearings and court cases involving wetlands, soils and hydrology.

    David has provided wetland delineation, soil interpretation, flood zone, and tideland services for Massachusetts homeowners and businesses in Lexington, Burlington, Billerica, Wellesley, Arlington, Hubbardston, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Concord, Winchester, Lynn, Groton, Belmont, Needham, Brookline, Dover, Sherbourne, and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

    Please contact us for more information about our services.

    Ask about our full-service Land Surveying division, Sperduto Land Survey.

    See our page describing approval procedures for projects near wetlands.

    A division of Owl Hill Associates 

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    Providing wetland delineation in Lexington MA, Burlington MA, Bedford MA, Lincoln MA, Waltham MA, Newton MA, Watertown, MA, Billerica MA, Wellesley MA, Arlington MA, Hubbardston MA, Boston MA, Cambridge MA, Somerville MA, Concord MA, Winchester MA, Lynn MA, Groton MA, Belmont MA,  Needham MA, Brookline MA, Dover MA, Sherbourne MA, and Haverhill Massachusetts.

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