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Rice Lofts Ballroom 

909 Texas Avenue, Houston TX

February 26th-27th, 2013.

Registration is CLOSED!

Join us for this historic gathering of weTable users and beginners to learn from experts and peers in the use of low-cost, do-it-yourself touchtables that can enhance and improve community planning and decision making. This two-day training covers all you need to know to use the weTable in your local workshops.  

Learn how to build and use a weTable and get hands-on exposure to a range of tools and techniques compatible with the weTable, including mapping, group brainstorming tools, and 2D and 3D visualization tools. The training agenda will include weTable case studies, as well as presentations on the future directions of participatory planning and technology. This training is a must for programs and agencies that wish to improve public outreach and create more dynamic, engaging workshops. 

The conference agenda will also address the harnessing of professional networks to  advance technologies that foster public dialogue and support the work of public outreach professionals.  

This two-day workshop will be held at the historic Rice Lofts in Downtown Houston, organized by the Texas Sea Grant program of Texas A&M University, the Delaware Sea Grant program of the University of Delaware, and PlaceMatters.  Attendees to the Users' conference will include coastal planners, environmental resource managers, educators, GIS specialists, public outreach professionals, and hazard management agencies from across the country. Financial support for this event was provided by NOAA, Texas Sea Grant, Delaware Sea Grant, U.S. EPA, and the Ford Foundation. 

AICP attendees will be eligible for 10 CM credits. Events listing on APA website

Conference Sponsors' Websites: 

Texas Sea Grant

Texas Coastal Watershed Program

Delaware Sea Grant

National Sea Grant Office 


Placeways, LLC.