Quick Information:

Sponsor:    Sra. Llanos
Room:        Sra. Llanos' room                         (E1113)
Next Meeting:  Wed, Dec. 13                          8:15am - 9am
    The Westwood Girl Up Club is a chapter of Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation organization. Our mission is to engage girls to take action by educating them and keeping them healthy and safe, leading to the transformation of their communities. Our target is towards the girls in underdeveloped countries, because of the gender discrimination they face from the men (and even some women) in their community. 
    We will spread awareness through the Westwood community and Austin, about this organization and the obstacles girls in underdeveloped countries face. We will achieve this through movie screenings, information booths, posters, and other events. The club will also raise funds for Girl Up to educate and keep the girls healthy in those underdeveloped countries.