What We Sail

Director of Sailing Activities: Jed Korthals, jedkorthals@gmail.com

Sailing Fleets

DragonFlite 95 class: We have just begun to build our DF 95 fleet. The DF 95 is a newly designed boat which takes advantage of the latest design characteristics, and modern materials, resulting in a boat that is a joy to sail and race. The last Tuesday of the month, we sail at Estrella Community South Lake. The DragonFlite 95 class owners association website is: www.dragonflite95.us

Our largest sailing fleet is made up of the Kyosho SeaWind. It’s a one meter yacht that’s very competitive right out of the box. Some modifications are allowed but the intent of the SeaWind models we sail are to keep the class as a ‘one design’ boat so that the sailing skills of the skipper is the main factor leading to successful racing. The SeaWind has been the mainstay of the sailing fleet for a number of years. We hold regattas bi-monthly, alternating with the Micro Magic fleet, with good turnouts at all of our regattas. We also sail SeaWinds at the club meetings. Kyosho America and a few other vendors sell the SeaWind and spare parts online. You can also visit the AMYA website and the SeaWind Class Owner's Association website for more information, building and sailing tips.

Our third fleet is made up of the Graupner Micro Magic . We currently have one of the largest fleets in the US currently sailing this boat. The boat itself is very small, 21 inches long and weighs less than 2 lbs ready to sail. The Micro Magic sails very well and is extremely stable in various wind conditions. The boat and spare parts can be ordered online. More information about the Micro Magic can be obtained by visiting the AMYA website, and the Micro Magic Class Owner’s Association website.


Several skippers sail schooners and other non traditional sailing vessels during our ‘holiday’ events (President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) Check the calendar for the dates. The AMYA website has a section about schooners and other sailing vessels as well as several links if you are interested.