Police Scapegoating of the Powell Family

The video below documents the events leading up to the deaths of Josh Powell and his kids, Charlie and Braden. A large group of individuals is making an active effort to cover up or distract the public and the media from what actually happened, and we feel that getting the truth out there will make it just a little more difficult for them to rewrite history.

We feel that the police should have had the courage to honor the justice system and use legitimate methods to conduct their investigation into Susan's disappearance. Instead, the West Valley and Pierce County police gambled - and gambled wrong - on a drawn-out, extremely expensive harassment approach, using Josh's kids as leverage to try to cause Josh as much anguish as they could. The police knew that Josh's children were the most important thing in the world to him, and that victimizing them would be horrifying to Josh.

We feel that blatant constitutional violations and false accusations are not the appropriate way to conduct an investigation. Since the police's illegal tactics were clearly very costly in terms of human life, and have resulted in no discernible progress in the Susan Powell missing person case, the facts of the situation seem to support our opinion on this matter.

Scapegoating, Part 1.mp4

Our justice system is sick and we must tend to it. Our family has made an unbearable sacrifice; the only good that could come out of this now is that this clear example of what happens when officials abuse their authority can serve as an admonition to protect other families in the future from a similarly grievous loss. If you feel, as we do, that police should follow the rules and conduct ethical investigations, please direct your friends, family, and colleagues to this website and ask them to take a few minutes to get informed about what happened to the three people that Susan loved most in this world.

Technical Note

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