Our Association

The West Towson Neighborhood Association (WTNA) was formed in 1963 in response to issues facing the neighborhood regarding development. Years later, the WTNA’s goal continues to be making West Towson a desirable and safe place to live.

The West Towson Board consists of a President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Zoning Chairman and a Board of Governors. The Board works with county officials, local institutions, and other neighborhood associations to look out for the neighborhood’s interests.

West Towson Neighborhood Association Board & Officers

SueAnn Griffin, Park Ave.

First Vice President
Carrie Cronin, Park Ave.

Second Vice President
Tim Tenne, Round Oak

Adam Molinaro, Marwood Rd.

Venetia Holland, Allegheny Ave.

Zoning Chairman
Richard Parsons, Woodbine Ave.

Board of Governors
Stephanie Keen, Charles St Ave.
Mike Ertel, West Joppa Rd.
Josh Glikin, Woodbine Ave. 

Barry Heddings, West Joppa Rd.

Darwin Holder, Piccadilly Rd.
Johna Ruffo, Round Oak Rd.
Debbie Shepard, Woodbine Ave.

The West Towson Board meets at 7:45 p.m. on the first Monday of the month at Pickersgill from September through June (there is no meeting in July or August). There is also an annual meeting every May. Everyone is welcome to attend the board meetings.