The WTNA works to preserve, protect and improve life in the 
West Towson Community that we call home by:

* Facilitating communication among residents, local businesses, 
and City and County officials at all levels. 

* Providing a means of decision-making and action around issues affecting quality 
of life in our neighborhood; land issues, traffic and parking, parks and other public 
facilities, crime, safety development, zoning and more.

* Fostering a friendly, fun, and neighborly camaraderie among residents.

* Coordinating social gatherings and group events 

The History of the West Towson Neighborhood Association
In the April of 1957, a group of concerned citizens from this area filed official papers 
with the State of Maryland to incorporate the area to be known as the 
"West Towson Improvement Association".  

This association was formed: 
- to provide a voice in the County Government for issues affecting our neighborhood; 
- to recognize the need for improvements;
- to maintain the proper zoning;   
- to eliminate safety hazards; 
- to maximize police and fire protection; and 
- to provide a means by which we could communicate with all the resident in the area. 

In 1987, our name was changed to "The West Towson Neighborhood Association". 

The WTNA Board meets on the first Monday of the month 
Meetings are held at Pickersgill Retirement Community at 7:00 p.m.  
Visitors are welcome!

Dues Payments - PayPal

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