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Delta Division Letter

Greetings Delta Amateurs,

I have just a couple of things I need to get out before the weekend is
upon us so I take computer in hand again to send out this brief
bulletin.  I did enjoy the Huntsville Hamfest last weekend and getting
to see so many Delta Division amateurs at the show.  The ARRL booth had
a steady flow of visitors and friends dropping by and the flea market
was again quite interesting with more than a few gems to be gleaned.  I
want to thank the Huntsville Hamfest organizers and W4OZK the
Southeastern Division Director for the hospitality shown to the Delta
Division members in attendance.

Our new Vice Director Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ is settling in to the office
and we are pleased to see him join the Delta Division leadership team.
I look forward to working with Ed over in the months ahead to continue
serving the best division in the ARRL.  Ed will be attending several
hamfests either with me or in some case on his own depending on what
dates the events are scheduled and their locations.


QST Youth in the Delta Division!  Assistant Director for Youth Aaron
Alexander , KI4OTH will be looking to organize some activities for the
young hams in the Delta Division.  Aaron is working on a youth page and
some other things for the division.  If you know of any interested young
hams in your area, have them contact Aaron at ki4oth@arrl.net.    We
encourage all young ops in the Delta Division to contact Aaron and pass
along your ideas or at least introduce yourselves to him. 


•    08/24/2013 | Cedars of Lebanon 33rd Annual Hamfest
Location: Lebanon, TN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Short Mountain Repeater Club
Website: http://smrclub.com

•    09/06/2013 | 44th Annual Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest
Location: Mena, AR
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest Association
Website: http://menahamfest.org


Arkansas QSO Party 09/14/13

Tennessee QSO Party 09/02/13

73 ES DX

ARRL Delta Division
Director: David A Norris, K5UZ

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