Ranch Information

*Slide Shows and References  for each Ranch are located at the bottom of the Page*

A simple description for our main properties is listed below. Not all of them are listed as we do not regularly  hunt them all.
More pictures are available, please contact me and I can provide you with a link to view them.
Please contact me during regular business hours to book or inquire about a hunt. (915) 328-0645 Mike
Happy Hunting!

Shelley Ranch
**Please Note-  a portion of the Shelley Ranch will be rested until further notice. We will still be hunting other parts of the ranch including new properties very near to here allowing our hunters to have the same quality experience. Lodging may vary according to the main hunt area, as of current we will be hunting the Brewster Ranch which is adjacent to the Shelley Ranch. For more information please call Mike McKinny anytime.**
Terrain on the ranch is typically flat with several large dry creek beds (Arroyos) that turn into raging rivers after a good rain. There is a good road system on each ranch where a car can navigate almost the entire property making it easy for anyone to hunt the ranch. High Mountains surround the Shelley ranch in all directions  offering wonderful views in the morning and evening hours. The ranch supports a  healthy population of Elk, Mule Deer , plenty of Javelina, and a growing Quail population. Minimal hunting pressure exists on the ranch and a strict number of hunts will only be offered each year.
Parties interested in Wildlife and Photography Tours or just a weekend get away with the family are more than welcome to contact me for a package set up. The Lodge is available to rent per bedroom if not hunting. There will also be a long range shooting  range set up in the near future.

Besides the cultivated fields there are multiple  free choice protein  feeders located throughout the ranch that the Mule deer, Elk and Javelina frequent. Mule deer in the 150" to 170" range are what we are after on this ranch (possibly larger) and the deer herd is slowly rising thanks to heavy feeding and predator control .  Mule deer over 180" have been harvested on this property. There are bull elk of all sizes that roam the ranch but an average bull elk is in the 290" to 320" range.
 Elk and Mule deer can be seen grazing in the fields or watering at one of the many water holes almost every evening making this a great ranch for wildlife photography. The Shelley ranch is located less than 2 hours from El Paso and hunters can fly into El Paso where we can provide transportation for a small fee or meet us out at the ranch. It is very easy to get to.
Most hunts will be conducted 2x1 except for Elk, 1x1 hunts are available for an additional fee.  Archery  hunters are welcome. Specific hunt dates are available for mule deer  each year. Hunting over the fields and water sources early morning and evenings and driving the desert country during the day will primarily be the main style of hunting on this ranch.
Self guided hunts will be available for Quail and Javelina by request only. All Other hunts will be Guided or Semi Guided.
Combined with an excellent food source(s), plenty of water, cover, and minimal hunting pressure this ranch is a great choice for your next hunt.

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References for This Ranch

Chris Eicher
Self Guided Javelina for 2

Mark Carpenter Group
Self Guided Group Quail Hunt

Jesse Wood Group   jwood0284@gmail.com
Self Guided Group Quail Hunt

Chad Smith Group 254-366-4773
Self Guided Javelina

Adam Cook Group 417-683-0821
2x1 Guided Javelina

Lanny Lassater Group lannyl787@yahoo.com
Mule Deer Season Lease 2014 & 2015 Season's

Glenn Vincent Group gjvince@comcast.net
Dove Hunt

Ken Baxter kbaxter@kpe.com
Guided Bull Elk

Joe Herold (Texas)
Guided Bull Elk

Robert Morrison (Texas) rmorrison2004@yahoo.com
Self Guided Javelina for 2

Tony Patton (Texas) cdat1@sbcglobal.net
Self Guided Quail for 3

Trey Roland (Texas) treyroland@yahoo.com
Self Guided Javelina for 2

Jeff Miedema (Arizona)
                                                                        Self Guided Javelina 2 Hunters

         Mark Bird mark@scalesaleandservice.net  

Guided Trophy Mule Deer

Clint Beckham (Texas) 830-313-2648
Guided Trophy Mule Deer

Lance Mitchell (Arizona) lance@southwesthunter.com
Self Guided Javelina
Todd Wise (2 Hunters, Wyoming)  
Self Guided Javelina
Paul Silva (Texas)  silvapaul25@gmail.com
Guided Bull Elk
Leonard Deal (Texas) ldeal@satx.rr.com
Guided Bull Elk
Paul Cravey Group (Texas)  paulcravey@yahoo.com
Teal/Dove Combo Hunt
Gary Rogers (New Mexico)  garyrogersconst@aol.com
Self Guided Javelina
Eric Sides (Texas)   eposgees@yahoo.com
Guided Cow Elk
Joe Kerr (Texas)  913-544-9911
Father/Son Javelina Hunt

Justin Mathews (Texas) 325-277-5018
Guided Bull Elk
Curtis Lee (Texas) 972-523-5524
Guided Bull Elk
Jimmy Muntz (Texas) jimmymuntz@gmail.com
Cow Elk Hunt 
Brian Benner (Ohio) 740-632-3380
Guided Elk/Dove Hunt
Jake Lasch Group (Wisconsin) jakelasch@live.com
Self Guided Group Javelina
Eric Banta Group 314-267-7770
Mule Deer
Earl Boyett (Texas) 409-594-8074
Mule Deer 
Kevin Montgomery (Texas) 972-567-4591
Guided Elk Hunt
4D North and South Ranch
The 4D (South) ranch is located in far southern Presidio county (aprox. 6,000 acres) and bordered by Big Bend State Park with the town of Redford nearby and old Mexico just to the south. We are now offering hunts on its sister ranch the 4D North which is located at the northern tip of Presidio county. Both of these ranches are similar in terrain  and offer good hunting for Trophy Aoudad, Javelina, Quail, and Predators.
  The 4D North property is nearly identical to the  4D South but larger 15,500 acres. There is a decent road system throughout the ranch(North) and we can accommodate most hunters if they are able to shoot longer distances. Roads can be considered "rough" by most.
The 4D North offers a good population of Trophy Free Ranging Aoudad, Javelina, Quail, a growing population of Hogs and  Predators. The same goes for  the 4D south just no Hogs.  There will be no hunting on the 4D North for Mule Deer for several years until our management goals have been met. The 4D South is available to season lease for Mule Deer and although deer numbers are low on average (for this entire region) quality is high being that is is bordered by the state park and a large ranch to the west. Only a handful of hunters will be allowed to hunt the ranch and only mature deer may be taken.
 4D North Lodging- there is an older ranch house onsite that we will use as our camp. 3 rooms that will sleep up to 12 people comfortably and 2 bathrooms. It is not fancy by any means but is clean and dry. Water is non potable due to a shallow well. The ranch is located half way between Van Horn Texas and Valentine Texas near the famous 96Ranch and Coal Mine Ranch about a 3 hour drive from El Paso International airport. Yes it is remote and secluded. Hunters can meet us in Van Horn, fly into El Paso and rent a vehicle, or we can provide transportation for a small fee.
The 4D South is located 30 minutes east of Presidio toward Lajitas Resort, there is no lodging or amenities onsite so hunters need to be ready to primitive camp or stay in town.
Terrain varies from high desert hills, wide open valleys, vacant fields, and medium to large rough rugged near vertical mountains with a lot of rim rock and cliff faces. Be ready for long distance glassing and some tough hikes.  Both ranches border some of the most rugged and remote country in Old Mexico where there is no hunting allowed there meaning minimal pressure. Yes we are close to the border and as of today we have had no incidents on either ranch.
We will  offer guided, semi guided, and a few self guided hunts with assistance  on these ranches to ensure strict game management and trophy quality. Several free choice feed areas and watering sites are located on both properties.
An Aoudad Ram in the 29" to 32" range can usually be expected on your hunt and a Mule Deer Buck in the 140"-160" Range, possibly larger. We have regularly harvested rams up to 35" on both the 4D North and South properties. The 4D South is some of the most scenic terrain in west Texas and I highly recommend planning to stay an extra day after your trip to visit the state park and surrounding attractions.




References for 4D North, South, & Indio

Matt DeFrank Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Brian Burkley Group
4D North Guided Aoudad

Chris Yaremko Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Ryan Yeager Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Sherrie Landon
4D North Guided Aoudad

Chase Christopher Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Jeff Menge
4D North Guided Aoudad

Nathan Vaughan Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Jake Adams Group
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Bryan Johnson
4D North Guided Aoudad

Gary Lovett Group
4D North Quail

Paul Sherry Group
4D North 1x1 Aoudad for 3 Hunters

Colby Stephens 512-787-9477
Indio Semi Guided Aoudad

Shane Huffman
4D North Guided Aoudad

Phil Cramer Group
Indio Self Guided Aoudad

Irv Eichorst  Group
4D North Archery Hog & Javelina

Dustin Gascho
Indio 2x1 Guided Aoudad

DJ Jensen
Indio Guided Aoudad for 2 & Javelina-Shelley

Mark Hudson
Indio Guided Aoudad 2 Hunters

Jeremy Harmon (2 Hunters)
4D North Self Guided Aoudad

Patrick Firliet (Vermont) pfirliet@velco.com
Guided 4D North Aoudad for 2

William Heyer (Texas) Contact Me for Info
Guided 4D South Aoudad

Forrest Wietfeld (Ohio) 740-264-0202
Guided 4D North Aoudad 

Matt Westbrook (Texas)  
Guided 4D North Aoudad
Kirk Sager (Washington) kirk.sager@fmc.com
Self Guided Javelina 4D South
Dan Davis (Wyoming)
4D N. Guided Aoudad
Chris Burton (Texas) 817-240-2028
4D N. Guided Aoudad 
Ryan Hurst Group (Texas) 832-589-9180
4D N. Guided Aoudad 
Forrest Howe (South Dakota)  woodranger1388@alliancecom.net
4D S. Guided Aoudad
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4D S. Guided Aoudad
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4D S.  Guided Aoudad
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4D N. Guided Aoudad
Jon Patton (Texas) jonpatton@hotmail.com
Guided Javelina 4D N.
Steve Luckett  (Mississippi) sluckett@nwsolutions.us
Self Guided Aoudad W/Assistance
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Guided Aoudad
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Guided Aoudad
Jeff Perry (Virginia) jperry@wise.k12.va.us
Guided Aoudad
Guillermo Turrent (Mexico) guillermo.turrent@ko​f.com.mx
Guided Aoudad
Randy Burrington 509-638-8040
Self Guided Javelina

Skylar Stark (Texas, Diamond C Ranch) 801-550-1525
Semi Guided Group Aoudad