Specials/Hunt Dates

Discounted Hunts, Cancellations & Specials!!!
(Not all hunts listed below are on regularly hunted W.T.H.O. properties so please inquire for more details.

***Exotic Doe Hunts and Management Exotic Hunts are also available***

Free Range Mouflon Cross Rams
$895 Guided Day Hunt

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These are the dates that have been already booked and ranches reserved. We are able to conduct-book a hunt during the same time frame of an already booked hunt date as long as
it is on another ranch or is marked for openings on that date.
Mike McKinny
 Hunt Schedule


1stPm-3rdAm Carl Morsch (8) Consuelo Semi Guided Ewe Hunt
Meeting 1st 1Pm @ Mayfield Store,*Forms Needed for New Hunters*
With Lodging + Brunch & Dinner
Guides: Mike McKinny, Tyler Wilson &  Steve Lund

2nd-3rd Am Jerrod Cusick Guided Broke Horn Oryx & Ram Hunt
No Lodging or Meals

2ndPm-3rdAm Josh Guenther  Predator Hunt
Van Horn, Sawer, Lower Van Horn

3rd-7th John Black (3) Sawer Self Guided Aoudad
No Guide

4th-6th Ralph Johnson Consuelo 1x1 Guided Trophy Aoudad
Meeting 3rd 6Pm @ Mayfield Store
Guide: Tyler Wilson

4th-6th Arnie Beck & David Bawcom Lajitas 1x1 Guided No Frills Trophy Aoudad
No Lodging No Meals
Guides: Casey Sanford & 

4th-8th Stan Courtnay (2) Van Horn Lower Ranch Self Guided Aoudad
No Guide

5thPm-7thAm Barry Smith (3) Van Horn Return Semi Guided Hog Hunt
Meeting 5th 1Pm @ Pilot, With Lodging No Meals
Guide: Steve Lund

7th David Brosh Group Ranch Showing
Mike McKinny

7th-8th Arnie Beck  & David Bawcom Diamond TF 2x1 Guided Trophy BlackBuck
With Lodging & Meals
Guide: Tyler Wilson

8thPm-10th Am Norman Mondragon (6) Van Horn + Van Horn Lower Self Guided Hog Hunt
With Cabin Lodging , 4 on VH & 2 on VH Lower
No Guide

8th-9th Dale Tshudy w/ Wife as Guest Hueco Guided Javelina Hunt
Rifle Rental- With Lodging & Meals 2 Nights
Guide: Ken

8th-11th Ray Culley (4) Loma Alta Semi Guided Trophy Aoudad
Meeting 7th 5Pm @ Rough Creek, *Forms Needed for New Hunters*
Food Provided for Guide by Hunters
Guides: Dusty Thornton and Steve Lund

9th-10th Mike Culbertson (2) Sawer Self Guided Hog Hunt
No Guide

10th-11th Josh Esparza (2) w/1 Guest 4D N. Semi Guided Hog Hunt
With Lodging No Food
Guide: Fermin 

11th-15th Brian Gates Van Horn Self Guided Javelina & Hog Combo Hunt
No Guide

13thPm-15th Christopher Poirier Van Horn Lower Self Guided Hog Hunt
No Guide

14th-16th Clay Woodward Group (8 to 10 Hunters) 4D North Semi Guided Archery Javelina/Hog
Meeting 13th 4Pm @ Pilot,With Lodging, No Meals, ARCHERY ONLY
Guides: Tyler Wilson & Casey Sanford

14th-15th Jonathan Guzman (5) Los Cuernos Semi Guided Axis Doe Package
Meeting 13th 5Pm @ Rough Creek, Forms Needed for New Hunters
With Lodging , N0 Meals- Up to 5 Axis Does Total
Guide: Dusty Thornton 

15th-18th Brandon Osgoodby (3) Self Guided Aoudad
No Guide

16th Steven Moore Guided Broke Horn Oryx Hunt
Meeting 7Am @ Shell
No Lodging or Meals

16th Marco Scarfoloto Guided Broke Horn Oryx Hunt
Meeting 7Am @ Shell
No Lodging or Meals

16th-18th Tony Swartz (6) Consuelo Semi Guided Ewe & Hog Hunt w/ 1 Night Predator Hunt
Meeting 15th 5Pm @ Mayfield Store, With Brunch & Dinner- Safari Style - Bait For Hogs
Guides: Mike McKinny & Dusty Thornton
Cook: Paul Wilson

18th-19th Drake Lewis (2) Sawer Self Guided Hog Hunt
No Guide

20thPm-22nd Jeff Miedema Van Horn Self Guided Hog Hunt
No Guide

21stPm-23rd Jake Hall (2) 4D S. Self Guided Javelina
No Guide

22ndPm-24thAm Zack Neel (3) w/ 2 Guests 4D N. Semi Guided Hog Hunt
Meeting 22nd 4Pm @ Pilot-With Lodging No Meals
Guide: Fermin

22nd-23rd Scott Clifton (2) Father/Daughter Hueco Semi Guided Javelina Hunt
Guide: Ken

23rd-24th Jeff Skinner (2) Guided Black Buck

23rd-25th Steve Wolfe & Mike Perkins  Val Verde County Guided Aoudad
Guide: Jacky

22nd-24th Phil Cramer (2) Diamond TF Self Guided Spring Turkey
No Guide

23rd-25th Chris Bejarano (3) Van Horn Self Guided Hog Hunt
 No Lodging
No Guide

23rd-24th Aaron Sedlar (2) w/1 Guest  Guided Spring Turkey
Late Dinner/Arrival on 22nd (9Pm)
With Brunch & Dinner- 2 Toms Total
Guide: Tyler Wilson

24thPm-26th Cory Moore  (2) w/1 Guest 4D S. Self Guided Javelina
No Guide

29thPm through April 1st Jay Scott Guided Addax Bull & Scimitar Cow Oryx Hunt
Airport Pick Up 3Pm on 29th
W/ 4 Nights Lodging, Brunch + Dinner, Airport Transportation
1 Night Predator Hunt
Guide: William 

30th-31st Amir Yavari + Shawn Read Highlonesome Guided Spring Turkey Hunt
Meeting 29th 5Pm @ Ranch House
With Lodging & Meals
Guide: Paul Wilson 

31st Ranch Feed Trip- (Van Horn Corn Feeders + H2O White Tank, 4D North, Consuelo)
Fermin- 4D N.
Kaisy- Van Horn

31st-April 1st Daniel Dye (2) Diamond TF Semi Guided Spring Turkey
Meeting 30th 6Pm @ Cabin
Guide: Tyler Wilson