Wild Hogs

Wild Hog Hunts
W.T.H.O. offers Hog Hunts on several ranches in the west Texas area.
Please contact me for specific information on a particular hunt.
Hog hunts can be paired up to create a combo hunt on some ranches.
We prefer a minimum group of 2 on our Hog hunts and can take up to 8 hunters on most properties at a time.  
Hunts will be offered during the off season and limited dates available during actual deer season with some ranches
off limits until after season. Come on out and chase some Hogs!

***Now Offering Thermal Hunts in West Texas***
$400 Per Hunter Minimum of 2 Maximum of 4 Hunters. 1 Night Guided Hunt with a bag limit of Up to 2 Hogs either Trophy or Meat Hog Per Hunter
along with Unlimited Predators and Varmints.  Thermal scoped  suppressed rifles provided. Hunts will take place either on the 4D North,
Van Horn or VC Ranch. 

Loma Alta Hog Hunt- $650 per hunter for unlimited Hogs. 2 day hunt with 2 nights lodging provided. Minimum of 3 hunters maximum of 6.
Semi Guided Safari style hunt on 13,000 acres south of Sonora Tx. Walk and stalking and night hunting is also allowed.

VC Ranch Hog Hunt-  Self Guided or Semi Guided hunt on 2,000 acres of agriculture located near Van Horn Tx. Day and Night hunting allowed.
Self Guided one Day Hunt 6Am to Midnight $200 Per Hunter (Up to 2 Hogs per Paid Hunter).  2 Day Hunt  $350 Per Hunter (Up to 3 Hogs Per Paid Hunter).
Semi Guided Hunts POR. No Onsite amenities, lodging is available in Van Horn 20 minutes away.

Consuelo Ranch Hog & Predator Hunt- $650 per hunter for unlimited Hogs and Predators. 2 day hunt with 2 nights lodging provided. Minimum
                   of 3 Hunters Maximum of 8. Walk & stalk hunt. Guide will take hunters out for 1 night of the hunt to predator call

Van Horn Ranch Hog Hunt-   *Day Hunt Special* $125 Per Hunter (DIY).  Up to 2 Hogs Each & Predators. Hunt is from 6Am to Midnight. Or,
$250 per hunter up to 4 Hogs and Predators each. 2.5 day self guided hunt with day or night hunting allowed.
Located 45 minutes south of Van Horn TX, campsite with running water, lights, and carport. Several miles of Rio Grande  river frontage to
hunt, very thick brush along river and not for the faint of heart. Fair Hog population. Fishing is allowed.
Simple cabin available to rent for a small fee if you rather not camp out.
4D North Hog Hunt- $450 per hunter up to 3 Hogs  per hunter for a 2 day hunt with 2 nights lodging and a guide onsite to assist hunters.
Day Hunt (6Am to 10Pm) $200 per hunter, no lodging, up to 2 Hogs per hunter.
Located 55 minutes south of Van Horn TX. Guide on site to point hunters in the right direction, assist in game retrieval,
and help clean your harvest. We now have Lighted Feeders to hunt over or try Spot & Stalk. Fishing is Included.
Minimum of 2 to Book Maximum of 8


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Angel Drusina dangel9813@gmail.com
VC Self Guided Hogs

Matt Bicksler  mattbicksler@gmail.com
Loma Alta Semi Guided Hogs

Sean Douville Group douvsm7@gmail.com
Van Horn Self Guided Hogs

VC Self Guided Hog/Javelina

Juan Ruelas Group 915-999-6448
4D North Hogs

VC Self Guided Hogs

Tim Maddock Group 928-533-8807
Loma Alta Hogs

4D North Hogs

Dan Haase Group dmhaase75@hotmail.com
Loma Alta Hogs

4D North Hogs

Jesse Campbell Group 435-760-2111
4D North Self Guided Hogs

Steve Guzman (Texas) 915-238-5551
Van Horn Self Guided Hogs

Juan Ruelas Group (Texas) 915- 999-6448
4D North Semi Guided Hog Hunt

Eduardo Farias Group 915-342-4448
4D North Semi Guided Group Hog Hunt

Adolfo Torrez (New Mexico) 505-927-4311
4D North Semi Guided Hog Hunt

Tom Brownlee (Montana) tbrownlee062552@gmail.com
Hog Dog Hunt 2 Hunters

Dave Stewart 928-792-6848
Group Hog Hunt

David Reid kingdavidisme@yahoo.com
Group Hog Hunt

Jonathan Foster jon333ak@yahoo.com
Hog Hunt

Jason Summers jasondeansummers@gmail.com

Group Hog Hunt
Chris Schumann (Nevada)  pacific_ctc@hotmail.com
Hog Hunt

Carlos Sifuentes (Texas)  cgsifuen@episd.org
Group Hog Hunt
Jerome Jones (Texas) 907-982-0777
Hog/Dove Combo Hunt
Michael Cook (Texas) cookm237@gmail.com
Self Guided Hogs/Javelina
Carlos Figueroa (Texas) 915-861-8918
Group Hog Hunt
Alex Criado (Arizona) alexandrocriado@hotmail.com
Hog Hunt
Ramon Barallardos (Arizona) 520-236-2639
Hog Hunt
Leif Wywadis (Washington) 253-273-4242
Group Hog Hunt/5ppl.
Rick Mason (Texas) 915-276-6210
 Hog Hunt
Paul Schafhausen (Ohio) baja23outlawtower@yahoo.com
Group Hog Hunt
Tom Armendariz (Texas) 915-637-7784
Hog Hunt
Chris Campbell (New Mexico) 575-642-4219
Hog Hunt
Gapi Bernal & Brother (Texas) 432-557-0115
Hog Hunt
Dave Adams 214-725-4875
Hog Hunt
Kevin Frederick  lucky7.kf@gmail.com
Hog Group Hunt
Donnie Williams (New Mexico) donnie.williams@foxconn.com
Hog Hunt
Todd Farqhar (Texas) 972-977-2445
Hog Hunt 
Gene Brookshire TripleXOutfitters (Texas) 575-513-0286
Hog Group Hunt
Sid Mason (Texas) 915-204-7683
Youth Hogs
Jerry Scoggins (Texas) 408-394-5438
Hog Hunt
Jim Montes (Texas) 915 920-3898
Guided Hog Hunt
Isioro Rodriguez (Texas) 915 373-9535
Guided Hog Hunt
Felipe Castaneda (Texas) 915 309-3404
Guided Hog Hunt
Darrack Davis (Texas Client/Guide) (915) 820-9050
Guided Hog Hunt