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Crossplains Exotics/Hogs


Special Note:
Hog Hunt Info 
Some of the best hog hunting arround! Due to the high demand by our clients we have now acquired a property just outsie Abilene Texas in CrossPlains with easy access off of the main road. Easy drive from Dallas and San Antonio areas. These will be a   1 or 2 day hunts with lunch and dinner provided on guided hunts, bring your own beverages. This particular property is game fenced (just a bit over 100 acres) and not high fenced. Game fencing still offers hunters a higher opportunity to harvest hogs.
Each hunter is allowed 2 hogs of any size Trophy or Meat Hog! We have 2  feeders set up which the hogs hit hard and all day long as well as 2 watering holes and a clearing that has alot of hog traffic. Average hog is  75-100lbs with a few 300+ boars roaming the property. We will clean and quarter (no caping) your hogs any size for only $25 each. Please let us know if you plan on us cleaning your animals ahead of time. This ranch has wild hogs native to the ranch as well as some released wild hogs to improve hunters odds.
2 Nice Ones
Hog Hunt Pricing ( Guided Hunts)
Lodging is automatically provided to  hunters on guided hog or exotic hunts with heat and AC, (lodging available for a small fee on self guided hunts). Full size beds and and couches. There is a kitchen,fridge, and stove as well. Walk in cooler and nice cleaning shed with "power" tools available.
Groups of 2 hunters $350 each for 1.5 days of hunting, 2 hogs any size and 2 meals a day
additional hogs can be taken for $85
Groups of 3 hunters $300 each for 1.5 days of hunting, 2 hogs any size and 2 meals a day
Additional hogs can be taken for $85
Groups of 4 hunters $275 each for 1.5 days of hunting, 2 hogs any size and 2 meals a day
Additional Hogs $85
Groups of 5-6 hunters $250 each for 1.5 days of hunting, 2 hogs any size and 2 meals a day
Additional Hogs $75
 Want to book a hunt on short notice? Give me a call and well make it happen!
Hog Hunt Pricing ( Unguided Hunts)
Hunt Pricing
$150 per day per hunter and you can take 2 hogs per booked day any size. Most hunters manage to take 2 hogs within the first couple hours of there hunt.
Lodging is now available  to  self
guided hunters.
Lodging cost will be $50 per night for 1 hunter and $25 for any hunter after that.
If you prefer other lodging there is a link provided on the bottom of the page.
Cleaning and quartering of your hogs is available for $25 per hog
You will not go home empty handed on this hunt! We are loaded with hogs.
Hunters Lodging 
Exotic Pricing
Exotic hunts typically take less than a day or day and a half due to the ranch size being smaller making it easier to pattern animals. This does not mean the hunts are easy though.
These will be guided hunts with lodging, lunch, and dinner provided. Cleaning and caping for a shoulder mount is included in the price. No hidden or extra fees.
Does $300 if on booked hunt. Axis, fallow, sika, black buck
Meat Buck $1000. Axis, fallow, sika, black buck
Axis buck 26inches plus $2,250
Black buck 17 inches plus $2,250
Fallow (nice palms) $2,250
4 Horn Sheep (Huge Rams) $1250
Other Rams and Exotics P.O.R.
Longer Hunts and Special Packages can be arranged, feel free to contact us to do so.
Nearest Lodging
Thirty Six West Motel - maps.google.com
501 SW 5th St, Cross Plains - (254) 725-4550
Nearest Place To Eat
Dairy Queen - www.dairyqueen.com
417 S Main St, Cross Plains - (254) 725-7605