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Booking/Contact Us

 How To Contact & Book
 To book a hunt please call (915) 328-0645 Mike McKinny.
 If I do not answer please leave a short and detailed message.
I am often out on a hunt so please allow a couple days for a response.
 You can also email me at elpasohunter@gmail.com
*Hunts can be Booked for both Weekends and Week Days*
Now Accepting
(Credit Card Payments/Deposits will be charged an additional 5% processing Fee)

To reserve a hunt a 50% deposit is usually required although we are flexible and can set up a payment plan. 

Deposits are non refundable.
A cashiers check, credit or debit card, money order, or personal check will be accepted as a deposit.
All hunts must be paid in full 30 days prior to your hunt date.
A liability form/hunt contract must also be filled out and sent back in with your deposit.
Once received we will promptly send confirmation and a receipt for your records.
A couple weeks prior to your scheduled hunt I will send out Maps, Directions, Gear List, and if a guided hunt a meeting time and place.
Please do not hesitate to ask any and all questions about your hunt. I am  here to help and want you to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.
We recommend booking at least 6 months to 1 year prior for big game hunts due to limited availability.
Airport pick up is available to our guided hunters for a fee as long as it is logistically realistic.
A Non Hunting Guest fee on guided hunts is $125-$200 per day (depending on which ranch) per guest and this fee will also cover  meals.

Hunter Checklist & Additional Information
Here are a few things to be prepared for and be ready to expect on a hunt with us whether guided or unguided.
This list is primarily for our Aoudad Hunts but a good reference for all other hunts as well.
The  Van Horn, Indio, Terlingua Area, and 4D ranches are considered remote locations
 and you will need a high clearance SUV or truck that is preferably
4 wheel drive. 

If you want to bring an ATV or UTV on your hunt you are more than welcome to (self guided).
Most ranches have little to no cellular signal.
Most  areas are  very rocky high desert terrain so a great pair of boots with no more than 300 or 400
grams of thinsulate is recommended. Soft soles will not last more than one good hike.
A Good Pair of 10x or 12x Binoculars.
Sleeping essentials such as a cot, sleeping bag, and pillow for spike camp hunts.
Shaving/ bathing essentials
Baby Wipes to Clean Up 
Plenty of  good socks and foot powder.
 A pair of sandals and shorts is nice during warmer weather.
Don't forget plenty of clothes. Bring a few different layers.
West Texas weather can change in a minute.
A headlamp and flashlight is an absolute must.
A cooler with plenty of dry ice or regular ice to transport your trophy. If you are flying in bring an extra large duffel bag to transport you horns
and cape back with you.  We can transport your trophy to our recommended taxidermist if you would like.
Sun screen and bug spray for hunts during warmer weather.  
On big game hunts such as Aoudad and Mule Deer  a minimum of a .270 caliber or similar rifle is required.
Please know and practice your rifles ballistics out to 400 yards and at 10 to 30 degree angles (Aoudad).
A good pack that can hold at least 6 bottles of water,  lunch, and your gear is a must.
A pair of gloves can be a big help when climbing steeper terrain and needing to grab onto sharper rocks. A light walking stick can be a big help also.
Don't forget the camera! This is some amazing country that you will want to remember for years to come.
Be prepared for a  camping trip (unless we have organized lodging) in the wilderness is the main thing to consider.
 Extra water and personal snacks are always a good thing along with any extra personal vitamins, medications, etc.
Spike camp set up hunts require a team effort from both the guides and clients.
Hunts with lodging will often be simple and rustic due to remote locations.

Mike McKinny

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