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4D Ranch

 Lodging Now Available
Aden Lasseter & Lance Clawson with 2 nice rams  33+ inches 10/17/09
We have gained access to this very special ranch in Presidio county Texas which borders  Big Bend State Park. It has not been hunted in over 10 years prior to this year (2009) and there are many trophy aoudad and  a few trophy mule deer on the property. Very limmitted bookings will be taken each year.
 Herschel C. Left
David R. Right.                          
This ranch is a no fenced  100% free ranging hunt. Hunters must be in good physical shape for aoudad hunts although we can make arrangements for anyone wanting to come out. Aoudad live on the highest of ridges and rim rock where they feel safe. To get to those points on the mountains can take 3 to 4 hours of hiking at a time so expect a full day of hunting.
Keith C. and Son 28inch Ram
There is plenty of information available on aoudad sheep hunting in west Texas available on the internet. Feel free to ask me any questions and I can point you in the right direction or a simple internet search will turn up plenty of information. Each month has its advantages to hunting aoudad.
October/Early November is the rut and seeing large numbers of aoudad is typical although the weather can be warm making hiking a bit tougher. This is your best bet at a record breaker.
December/January offers cold weather keeping herds moving and split up making them easier to stalk and hiking is much easier. Aoudad are also grazing more as everything is dry making them easier to spot.
February and early March ewes are birthing bringing herds down lower on the mountain  making it a much easier hunt physically. Now winds can pick up this time of year so long shots can not be easily made.
Non Hunting Guests are $60 per day on guided hunts.

4D Ranch (6 Miles East of Redford Texas)
Bookings are very limitted. Please email me for available dates.

Keith Jamison and His Ewe Above

 The 4D ranch has many miles of pristine west Texas landscape surrounded by Big Bend State Park on 3 sides and 1 large private ranch on the other. Gently rolling hills and washes are on the lower part of the ranch while the upper part of the ranch is comprised of very large hills (small mountains), 200 to 1,000 foot rock faces, and rim rock where aoudad sheep flourish.
If you book a guided hunt with us please expect to "rough it", very nice lodging is now available for a bit extra. We set up a spike camp (tent and shade) with either solar lights/lanterns, campfire cooked meals and will be sleeping in the great outdoors! Many hunters agree that this only adds to the experience of the hunt.
Big Aoudad Taking A Nap
If you are hunting aoudad with us on this ranch be prepaired for a tough hike, long hours of glassing, and shots upwards and over 400 yards at 15 to 25 degree angles.
Strict management on our mule deer herd is improving genetics and the over all herd size year to year. Check back with us for updated pictures and information.
 Pricing For 2010-2011 Season
 To date we have offered 100% shot opportunity with 95% harvest success.
On occasion we offer combo mule deer/aoudad hunts for both rifle and archery hunters. These are available on a very limmited basis and not available each year. 
Clint (Combo Hunt) with his Mngt. Buck and nice 30inch+ ram taken at 605 yards. 12/2010 
Mule Deer
 Currently Booked for the 2010 Season. Please inquire for 2011.
 1 archery hunt (My personal Hunt) may be available. A mature buck 7 points and under only may be taken. Inquire for more information.
Trophy Mule Deer  Bow or Rifle
 Now available on all hunts, this is a well known historical house in the Big Bend area. Located roughly a 25 minute drive from our spike camp site it offers 2 large beds, couches, roll away beds, full kitchen, running water and A/C with fireplace. Situated along the river this house also offers a large covered patio with fire pit, large BBQ and smoker. 5 minutes west of Lajitas Resort.  Too much to list inquire for more info.
Plenty of pictures available.
Lodging will be a flat rate not per hunter. We can accomodate 6 people in the house. If you arrive the evening prior to your hunt that will count as 1 night. Please keep that in mind.
3 Nights Lodging $400
5 Nights Lodging $600
 Trophy Aoudad Hunt
$2,450 per hunter
(Hunts Available October Rut Through March 2011 Only)
Mid October is available to book for up to 3 hunters. This is the absolute best hunt date available for aoudad trophy ram hunting. Last year we saw over 450 different aoudad in a 3 day period! This is a last minute opening.
Even The Ewes Grow Big Out Here!
Kennith and his 26inch ewe February 2010
**Special Offer**
Book a regular guided aoudad hunt for 2 or more hunters and we will waive the 32.0" plus inch trophy fee! That is $500 off per hunter if you harvest a ram over over 32 inches. You cant beat this deal guys. I can also pair up 2 single/solo hunters on the same hunt date to apply this discount. Each hunter will still get there own guide.
4 Day Hunt for 1 Aoudad Ram and predators except mountain lion (+$500). A light breakfast and lunch will be provided  a hearty dinner and non alcoholic beverages.We offer a spike camp set up type hunt with  tent and all the extras to make you more comfortable, lodging is also available . This hunt will be for a ram up to 32.0 inches, any ram over 32.0 inches will be assessed an additional $500  no matter how many inches over. Lots of hiking and glassing will be done on this hunt.
Self Guided Hunts are available in the $1,500 to $2,000 range with a minimum of 2 hunters. We recommend you book a guided hunt with us first before hunting this ranch DIY.
Mountain Lion Hunt
$1,850 Per Hunter
3 Days over bait sights and glassing areas we often see them. Many sightings in the area and you have a good chance at harvesting one! 1 mountain lion and any other legal predators included in this hunt. Day and night hunting will be done.
Small Game Hunts
Blue Quail Groups of 3 or more  hunters  and only 1 or 2 hunts  per year. $250 a hunter do it yourself type hunt and 2 full days of hunting. Feel free to bring your own dogs but the terrain is very rocky. Lodging available in Presidio or bring your tents out to camp. Hunts will be run after mule deer season only. Good hatch this year (2009 and 2010) with covies over 30 birds in size being seen. Some gambels on the ranch which may also be hunted. This is a self guided hunt.
Javelina 2 or more hunters. Guided hunts are $550 per hunter. Ask are past clients how many of these critters we have! 2 day hunt. Lunch and dinner provided.
Unguided hunts are $300 per hunter with 3 person minimum. Each hunter may take 1 javelina and all predators except mountain lion whether on a guided or unguided hunt.
Groups of 1 to 3 hunters only. 2 days of hunting, 2 night hunts and 2 early morning hunts. Lunch and dinner provided with non alcoholic beverages. 1 hunter $750 2 hunters $500 each 3 hunters $400 each. Unlimitted bag limmit of all legal predators in Texas except mountain lion which will have an additional fee of $500 if harvested. Hand calls, e-calls, and bait sights will all be used on this hunt.
Dominic C. and his ewe March 2010
Javelina $150 if on a booked hunt
Blue Quail $100 half day hunt if on a booked hunt (no fee on combo hunt)
Mountain Lion $500 if on a booked hunt (feed waived on combo hunt)
An Aoudad Ewe may be added to your bag limmit for an additional $800 while on a booked hunt. There are some very nice ewes in our larger herds on the property ranging from 22-28 inches. Only a few ewes will be offered.
Please Contact Michael McKinny at (915) 328-0645 to book or for more information or email at elpasohunter@gmail.com
Lodging in Presidio
Three Palms Inn
Cedar Ave & Texas 203 Spur
Presidio, Texas 79845
(432) 229-3211
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El Patio Restaurant

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