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CDP Ranch

Jeff & His Monster Aoudad March 7th,2010 
(First Official Aoudad Hunt On the CDP!)
CDP Ranch Hunts
The CDP ranch is two properties split up half a mile apart offering hunters 2 pastures to hunt. It is located aproximtely 75 miles south  of Alpine Texas in the remote Cedar Springs area in Brewster county. The property is only a few hundred acres with both parcels combined so we will run limited hunts, feed heavily, and with the water sites in place the wildlife population is healthy.  One of the pastures borders Big Bend National Park on one side with Chalk Draw a few hundred yards from the property line.
Pair Of Javelinas Taken 12/4/09                          Jeff & His Javelina March 2010
There is a large amount of wildlife in the park that free ranges to and from the feeders on the ranch as well as water holes. At times we are nearly over run with javelinas and a very healthy quail population exist on the ranch. Some very nice mule deer roam the area with the average being 18-22 inches wide and about a 125-150 class, which is still a respectable buck to hang on your wall.
Dont be fooled though these hunts are very difficult at times and you may not see sightings of your prey for several days. The land is primitive so expect to camp out or get a room nearby.
Self Guided Aoudad Hunts
4 Day Hunt $800
Guided Hunts Available for $1,400
Available Year Round
1 ram or ewe of your choice and 1 javelina
2 hunters prefered for safety reasons as the ranch is remote. Even if 1 hunter books for aoudad and the other pays to be a non hunting guest that is fine.
Guided hunts will be available for $1,350. We rough it on these hunts so expect to camp out.
2010 Mule Deer Season 2nd Weekend
DIY Hunts also known as Unguided Hunts will require 2 people minimum per group due to safety reasons. This property is remote with no celluar service. Im sorry but there are no exceptions to this rule unless you have experience in West Texas or have hunted with us before. Some guided hunts also require 2 people or more to book except as noted.
Non Hunting Guests on Unguided Hunts are $50 per hunter for entire hunt period
Non Hunting Guests on Guided Hunts are $35 per day
View From Base Camp
Mule Deer Buck (Rifle) Hunts 
$800 per hunter (unguided)
Guided Hunt POR. Not much more than an unguided hunt.
Booked for the 2010 Season!
Rene and Troy With the 2010 Snow Strom Bucks! 
3 day hunt. Groups of 2 hunters please on this hunt or I can pair up a group of 2 single hunters. This is a great hunt for the hunter wanting to take his first mule deer buck. These deer do not grow to be monsters typically but still will make a nice mount. This is a very affordably priced hunt with a good chance at harvesting a buck if you have patience. 1 buck any size, 2 javelina, and predators included in your bag limmit. Quail hunting can be added for a small fee.
Little Spike
Mule Deer Buck & Doe (Archery) Hunts  
3 day hunt. Unguided $600 per hunter for a buck hunt .  1 buck and 2 javelina per hunter.
$350 per hunter for a doe hunt  also unguided.
1 doe and 2 javelina per hunter.
Prefered group is 2 hunters but single hunters are welcome.
Guided Hunt POR. Not much more than an unguided hunt.

Mule deer doe hunting in Brewster county is only allowed if hunting archery season. This area offers excellent opportunities for archery hunters for both doe and buck hunts.

Whitetail/Mule Deer Combo Hunts Also Available. 

One of the Smaller Groups of Javelinas
Javelina Combo Hunt with Dove or Quail *Guided*
2 hunters $475 per hunter, 3 hunters $450 per hunter, 4 hunters $400 per hunter, 5 hunters $$350 per hunter.

This is the same thing as our guided javelina hunts except on this hunt you have your choice of hunting either quail or dove (whichever in season). We will hunt early mornings and evenings for javelina and during the day chase after quail or the constantly flying dove. This hunt is also best to be conducted with a group of 2 or more. Combo hunts will only be offered as guided hunts at this time unless previously arranged. 2 1/2 days of full hunting.

Javelina Guided Hunts
1 hunter $550

2- hunters $375 per hunter, 3 hunters $350 per hunter, 4 hunters $325 per hunter

Our guided hunts include meals (Lunch & Dinner) as well as non-alcoholic beverages but not an unlimitted suply so bring a few extra just in case. We also assist you in locating animals on the ranch and will hunt with you the entire time improving your opportunity at a “javi” dramatically.
February 2010
We primitive camp out here or in a pop up camper but there are hotels about 25 miles from the ranch if you choose to book on your own. This is a 2  day hunt and on a guided hunt you are allowed 2 javelina if you choose to do so. Hunts will be done out of brush blinds over feeders and water as well as heavily used trails. Prefered groups on this hunt are 2 with 3 being the best set up.
Wildlife water station on CDP
Javelina Unguided Hunts
2 hunters $200 per hunter 3 or more $175 per hunter
On this hunt you will be on your own with just a map and directions around the ranch. This is a 2 day hunt and each paid hunter is allowed 2 javelina. Hunts can be conducted on weekends or weekdays. Primitive camping in designated areas only, atvs on roads only. Very high success rate. Expect to see 15 to 30 javelina in 2 days hunt time.
Its Hot!
Quail or Dove Hunt (Semi Guided)

$275 per hunter for 3 hunters, $250 per hunter for 4 hunters, $225 per hunter  for 5 hunters

Hunts for quail will be conducted 2 weeks prior to rifle deer season or after deer season only, 2 days of wing shooting. There will be a guide on site to make meals and assist the hunters but will not be present at all times. There is a healthy population of quail and dove in this area over the past few years.
Morning quail hunt with John
Feel free to bring your own dogs as we currently are not able to provide any. Groups of 3 or more please. We specifically manage this ranch for quail. There are currently 3+ quail/water feed stations and 3 deer feeders and 2 water troughs set up making it excellent quail habitat.
 Guide Michael McKinny
Nearest Lodging Roughly 18 miles from Property
Hwy 118
16 miles NE of the Ghostown
(432) 371-2541
Nearest Place to Eat

Chili Pepper Cafe

maps.google.com - (432) 371-2233
 Extra Ranch Photos
A Cold Spike Camp!
Ranch Sign 
        08K2830-2  07L2830 javelina
 Turn Off To Ranch
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