Trophy Mule Deer

You've come to the right place for your next Mule Deer Hunt!
Trophy Mule Deer hunts are conducted  in far west Texas also known as the Trans Pecos and Big Bend
regions. Our ranches vary greatly in size from 400,000+ acres to a  couple thousand acres which allows us to offer
hunts in all price ranges to our clients. Several of our properties offer easy access off of main roads but more are off the beaten 
path in remote scenic  regions of Texas. Rifle Mule deer season in west Texas starts the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs
for roughly 2 weeks long offering 3 weekends of hunting. Archery season generally runs the entire month of October.

Typically 1 hunt is conducted on each ranch per weekend unless the property is season leased. Due to a short season with the weather and moon
playing a large factor in hunter success most ranches are available to season lease rather than a guided hunt to allow hunters more time to be
successful. Please take moon phases into consideration when booking a hunt, recommended dates will be gladly given to you.

Mule deer are curious animals when  not pressured allowing hunters to usually get within 300 yards for a shot, terrain will be your biggest factor.
Terrain varies from gently rolling hills, to steep canyons, bluffs,  to wide open fields.
Expect rocky terrain filled with plenty of cactus and desert plant life typical of west Texas.
A minimum of a .270 caliber or similar rifle/pistol is highly encouraged  and a good pair of 10X to 12X binoculars. Most mule deer hunts will be
over water, feed, or driving and glassing long distances then stalking closer to make the shot. A comfortable pair of boots and a day pack is recommended as we spend most of the day out in the field to cover as much ground as possible. Our guided mule deer hunts on all ranches combined averaged 85% success and self guided hunts 65% success. Deer population and trophy quality vary from ranch to ranch and we have priced our hunts accordingly.
Non resident hunters will need to purchase the Type 105 General Non Resident Hunting license which is $315.00 over the counter, Resident hunters
will need to purchase the Type 101 Resident Hunting license which is $25.00 over the counter.
We Welcome Archery Hunters for General or Archery Season Hunts.
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Van Horn Ranch Mule Deer Lease
(Available as A Season Lease)
$10,500.00 Total
A Maximum of 6 Hunters (Hunters must remain the same).

Hunter's  are responsible for feeding and assisting with
predator control in the off season.
Ranch is remote, minimal roads, and is in a low deer population area so
not for the faint of heart- tough hunt. Good potential for a management
minded group.  More information can be found under the Ranch Information pages for this property.

 Booked for the 2019 Season!

Lajitas Trophy Mule Deer
(Only 2 to 3 Hunts offered per Year)
3 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt: $3,695.00 Per    
 This is a great hunt for the hunter who would like to experience
a backpack style hunt rather than safari style. Ranch is physically
demanding with minimal roads. Lodging and meals are not provided
on this particular hunt but many options in the area.

2019 is the First year we will offer Mule Deer hunts on this property.
The ranch borders Big Bend Park and offers very scenic terrain with
several sight seeing options to do before or after your hunt.

While on this hunt you will have the option to substitute your Mule 
Deer for an Aoudad Ram if you so choose. There is also the possibility
of seeing Elk which can be added on as a Trophy Fee.

Please call us directly for more information.

Booked for the 2019 Season!

MLD Tag Trophy Rut Hunt
(Only 2 Hunts offered Each Season)

4 Day 1x1 Guided Hunt $6,495.00 Per
Booked for the 2019/Early 2020' Season

We have acquired access to a new ranch that totals over 400,000 acres
 in far west Texas. This hunt will be be timed to target the rut in 
early January. Primary hunting tactic will be safari style and glassing.
There are several lodging locations onsite. We are targeting a Mature
Mule Deer Buck in the 160" to 180" range.

Only 2 of these hunts possibly 3 will be offered. Hunt will take place
January 2020. Meals and lodging are included. Please contact me for
more information on this hunt.

 Booked for the 2019 Season!
Hueco Ranch Trophy Mule Deer
(Trophy & Management Hunts)

5 Day 1x1 Guided Trophy Hunt $5,995.00 Per
Only 2 Offered Each Season- Booked for 2019!

5 Day 2x1 Guided Management Hunt $2,995.00 Per
(Booked for the 2019 Season)

Primarily a safari style hunt on this larger ranch located in far
west Texas. Terrain is mostly mountainous with some flat land. Hunters
must be ready to do some hiking and stalking while on this hunt. Year 
round protein and water guzzlers in place throughout the property.

A limited number of hunts are offered to the public each season.
Archery hunts are available during Archery Season with plenty
of notice. Meals and lodging are included.

If our quota allows an Aoudad Ram can be added on a Trophy
Fee basis for $3,000.00

 Booked for the 2019 Season!

4D South Ranch Mule Deer Lease
(Available to Season Lease for 2 Hunters)
Rifle Season Lease for 2 Hunters: $3,495.00 Total
Access to the ranch for the General Rifle Mule Deer Season
1 Mule Deer Buck, 1 Javelina, & Predators Per Hunter
No water, electricity or lodging on ranch. 30 minutes to town (Presidio) where there are hotels or camping is allowed on the ranch at designated site. Minimal roads on ranch, ATV's or horses allowed, this is not a hunt for the faint of heart.  Very  affordable hunt with good potential for a quality animal, access to just over 1,500 acres of the ranch. Ranch borders Big Bend.
Hunters are allowed to set up feeders and water guzzlers in the off season and scout with notice.
 Booked for the 2019 Season!

Indio Ranch
(Available as A Season Lease)

Please inquire for more information on this particular lease.

Booked for the 2019 Season!

Sawer & Van Horn Lower Ranch
(Available as A Season Lease or DIY Hunt)

Willing to season lease either property to a small group of 2 to 3
hunters maximum or a DIY 7 day hunt. Will only do one or the
other not both.

Economical properties with no onsite amenities. Minimal road
access. This will be a harder hunt and physically challenging.
Please contact me directly for information on the season lease or
DIY hunt.

Van Horn Lower Available for 2019!
Sawer Booked for the 2019 Season!