Bush needs to be 'Plutoed'.



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President Bush is not the President to be making plans to stabilize Iraq, to many mistakes, to many lies.

President Bush needs to be 'Plutoed'.

By WestTexasBliss

Constitutional responsibilities as our leader maneuvers to solve this problem by expanding it...Im sure hes about to tell the Congress, I broke it, and you own it.


New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush

Chris Floyd, t r u t h o u t UK Correspondent writes: “The reason that George W. Bush insists that “victory” is achievable in Iraq is not that he is deluded or isolated or ignorant or detached from reality or ill-advised. No, it’s that his definition of “victory” is different from those bruited about in his own rhetoric and in the ever-earnest disquisitions of the chattering classes in print and online. For Bush, victory is indeed at hand. It could come at any moment now, could already have been achieved by the time you read this. And the driving force behind his planned “surge” of American troops is the need to preserve those fruits of victory that are now ripening in his hand. At any time within the next few days, the Iraqi Council of Ministers is expected to approve a new “hydrocarbon law” essentially drawn up by the Bush administration and its UK lackey, the Independent on Sunday reported.

The new bill will “radically redraw the Iraqi oil industry and throw open the doors to the third-largest oil reserves in the world,” says the paper, whose reporters have seen a draft of the new law. “It would allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil companies in the country since the industry was nationalized in 1972.” If the government’s parliamentary majority prevails, the law should take effect in March.



Blowing the Whistle on Big Oil

Your Money

DURING a 22-year career, Bobby L. Maxwell routinely won accolades and awards as one of the Interior Department’s best auditors in the nation’s oil patch, snaring promotions that eventually had him supervising a staff of 120 people.

He and his team scrutinized the books of major oil producers that collectively pumped billions of dollars worth of oil and gas every year from land and coastal waters owned by the public. Along the way, the auditors recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from companies that shortchanged the government on royalties.

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What the administration has never understood, and the reason we will not succeed in establishing a viable democratic government in Iraq, is that Iraq is a tribal society. It needs a dominant male to enforce order and provide for the populace, just like the dominant male in a pride of lions. Now that weve destroyed that balance, and most of the educated Iraqis have fled, well have to leave in order for a strong leader to emerge, consistent with their culture, and restore order. In other words, put it back like it was. Democracy might emerge when enough people become educated and have economic or other reasons to want a representative government, not before. Bush has the best of intentions, and his tenacity is admirable, but hes just not very bright, and wrought disaster as a result.
By ropavo,  Jan 21, 2007 10:29:48 AM


The Decline of Public Discourse

Freedom of speech is not what it may seem. Recently, the Public Discourse in this country has been stunted and manipulated in order to advance political agendas.

Cronny, Student Journalism


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