A Booster donation of $40 from each family is requested to support the many needs that come up during the season. Please use the PayPal link below. 

Standard Booster Donation - $40
Thanks for helping us make this season a success!
ÜberBooster - More than $40
Really help us make this season a success!

Please consider volunteering at one of the following fundraising events.  Click on the link to get more information.  Dates of the events is shown in the calendar.
Fundraisers provide funds for the boosters to support the team in a variety of ways.  If you have suggestions, please contact the boosters.

So far this season, the ski team received approximately $2000 in youth team awards and matching funds from BP.  If your company matches donations, please consider requesting that they match your donations.

The team supports Ski For Women by filling the goodie bags as a community service activity.