Parent Help Page

Teacher Appreciation Dinner:

Monday November 6 4 - 6 pm
WSMA Cafeteria

On the late night of conferences we provide dinner to show our appreciation for the teachers and staff at Westside. We are asking for donations of appetizers, side dishes, meals and desserts to offset what we purchase. Ethnic dishes are especially welcome as the staff always appreciates these type of dishes. If you are able to make or purchase something for our dinner, please provide your name and what you are bringing below.

We also need parents to help set up and serve the teachers that night. Set up will start at 4 and the teachers usually eat by around 5 - 5:30. If you are able to come in and help set up, please sign up below:

Harvest Dance:

Friday November 17
WMSA Cafeteria 7 - 9 pm

The Harvest Dance is a PTO fundraiser that helps us pay for the promotion dance and other budgeted items. We are in need of donations of snacks to sell at this event. Snacks are sold for $1 and water is provided free of charge.

Snack items can consist of things like: Chip Packs, Candy Bars, Sour Patch Kids and Airheads.
*Please be sure items do not contain peanuts.

We also will need chaperones to attend the dance. Chaperones should show up at 6:30. If you are available to help out during the dance, please use the form below to sign up:

Tickets for the dance are $5 and can be bought during lunch the week of the dance. We are in need of parents who can help sell tickets during lunches of that week. If you are available during the times below and would like to sell dance tickets, please use the form below and type your name next to the date you would like to come in:

Parent(s) needed to help Westside with the Field Trip Fundraiser (Grade 7 & 8):

Westside does an individual fundraiser each year to help 7th and 8th grade students offset the cost of their field trips. Dr. LaBanca needs at least one parent to help coordinate the Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Fundraiser this fall. If you are able to help, please contact Dr. LaBanca at for the information.

Items needed for donation for the Nurse's Office:

Our nurse, Ms. Zustovich, usually purchases these items herself but I am hoping that we can help her out. She needs the following items, during the year, for our kids.. If you can help out by sending in any of the items below to the main office, she would greatly appreciate it. Any clothing item can be second hand. Here is the list of items:

Small Water Bottles
Saltine Crackers
Snack Size Goldfish Packs
Granola Bars
Boys Shorts (adult medium)
Girls Leggings (adult small, medium and large)
Sweatpants (adult medium and large)

Box-top Collection:

Box-tops are a great way for us to gather funds for our school with little effort. Please send your boxtops in an envelope, with your child's program and grade on them, to the Westside Main Office.

Role Model Mentors:

Kathleen Keefe, one of our Westside parents, works for Role Model Mentors. It is an organization that provides students with a trained high school mentor. If you think your child might benefit from a peer mentor, consider Role Model Mentors as an option. They currently have students from Danbury High School working with them, many of whom are Westside graduates.

If you sign up and mention Westside Middle School, they will donate $50 per referral to WSMSA PTO

Here is the link to their website: Role Model Mentors

Join Stop and Shop's A+ School Rewards:

The A+ Rewards are over for the year. Please check back to re-register.

School ID is 40313