Puppies for Sale Occasionally - Serious Inquiries Only Please


No puppies available at this time. 

We occasionally have started young adult dogs and/or dogs that would make great pets, so check the adult page if you might have an interest in an older dog. We typically breed only 1-2 times per year and do not normally make puppies available at Christmas, as we feel this can be a very difficult time to acclimate a puppy to a new home.

Pictures From Previous Litters

(Not Available)



Have you considered looking for your next beagle puppy in a local animal shelter?  Many people don't realize it, but there are almost always beagle puppies available in the shelters - often even purebred beagles.  (Sad, but true.)  Please follow this link to check Petfinder.com - enter your zipcode, select "dog" from the animal dropdown,  and the type the word "beagle" under the breed category.  If you adopt a beagle from a shelter, you are still welcome to use us as a resource for beagle questions and advice.  Just drop us a line!