About Us

About Westside Beagles

We are a husband and wife team from Cincinnati, OH. Beagling is the hobby that we enjoy doing together. We have been running and breeding beagles together since 2002.

Dave has an Associates Degree in Horiculture. He has owned and operated a small landscaping and lawncare business for over 25 years. In 2013, he joined railroad company CSX as a full-time conductor and now just does small landscaping and lawncare jobs on the side.

Barb is an animal care professional. She first started out as a part-time zoo keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo when she was in high school. She went on to attain a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and worked as a research scientist for approximately 10 years before going back to school to complete an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. She is now is a registered veterinary technician working at MedVet Cincinnati, a specialty healthcare practice that also has 24 hour emergency room services.

Dave grew up around beagles. His dad, Larry, first became interested in beagling in the 70's and bred hunting beagles when Dave was young. Eventually, six kids and a full-time job that involved travel away from home prevented Larry from raising beagles for a number of years. However, he resumed breeding, hunting, and field trialing beagles in retirement. An adult by then, Dave began to take an active part in helping his dad raise and run beagles. This was the beginnings of Ohmer's Westside Beagles.

Larry with the late Battleground's Patty.

By the time Dave & Barb met, she had already fallen in love with beagles. While Barb didn't grow up around dogs, she was a huge animal lover. She always told her parents that she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up and it wasn't uncommon for neighborhood kids to bring injured animals to her for help. One of her most memorable experiences growing up was when she got to tag along to go rabbit hunting with her dad. Someone had brought beagles and the memory of that hunt imprinted in her mind. She loved watching how excited the dogs got about hunting, the way their tails sped up when they were on the trail, and the ringing sound of their voices! As an adult, her first dog was a beagle. Then, when she met Dave and learned he and his dad raised beagles, she couldn't help but think that maybe things were meant to be. Little by little, she became more active in caring for their beagles until eventually, she and Dave took over responsibilities for the kennel.