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Sixth Grade Orchestra

Sixth Grade Orchestra is meant to be an continuation from the elementary school orchestra experience. We have rehearsals and lessons during school time. We perform at the Stamford Mall, West Rocks Holiday Concert, the PTO Pancake Breakfast, West Rocks adjudication, and the Spring Concert.
Seventh and Eighth Grade String Orchestra

All seventh and eighth grade string students who are signed up for orchestra, will be performing in this group. In December, we will be performing at the Stamford Mall, and also for the Holiday Concert at West Rocks. We will also perform in May for our Spring Concert. At the end of the year, we will go to Six Flags for the day. This trip will be your reward for all of your hard work and organizational skills.

Student Expectations

 - Practice 20 mins a day  for 6 days, there      should be a total of 120 mins at the end of the week

 - Come to lessons on time and prepared

 - Don't leave your instrument in the cage (unless instructed to by Mr.D)

 - If instructed to keep a practice card then it must be signed by a parent at the end of every week and shown to Mr.D

Practice Tips

 - Write in the fingerings if you need to 

 - Practice the song or segments of the song slowly then speed it up

 - Make sure you play in tune

 - Play along with the tracks on the website 

Contact Information

                Important Dates

April 28th, 2017  -  3:30-6:00 P.M.  Pre-Rehearsal Trumbull High school

April 29th, 2017  -  2:00 P.M. Festival  Concert