Player Registration

Process for Annual & New Individual Player Registrations for 2013/2014  

SportsPilot is the State Adult Player Registration Utility.  Every adult player must register here before joining one of our local leagues.  This link opens a page with selections for every adult association across SD.  Ours is WRAS, either COED or COMPETITIVE.

NOTE:  Do not start this process without having a means to pay by Check, Credit, or Debit Card. 

After selecting WRAS COED or WRAS COMPETITIVE, you will be at the login screen.  If you have a login ID from last year, please reuse it as it will populate all your data from last year and make this easier.  If not, create a new account and complete the registration entirely.  Do not create a new account, if you had one last year please recover your ID and Password.

DO NOT attempt to register all you players using your credit/debit card, this will flag the system as a security issue and lock you out.  You bank's data system will recognize this and assume your card info has been stolen and is being used illegally.  EVERY PLAYER MUST REGISTER HIM/HER SELF and Pay themselves.  If you cannot do this you must make arrangements with our Registrar to get your players in the system and paid.  This must happen at least 10 days before tournament check-in night.  

If you do not come to a page to pay your fee and select to print or have a receipt emailed to you, then you did not complete the registration correctly.

Once logged in, review or enter all your data.  

  • Be sure to update your Current League/Association to West River and put the team you are going to be playing with by name
    • You must have a valid birth date, address, phone number and email address.  This will be verified when player cards are processed.
  • Team - If you are not on a team yet put Pool Player (we can update this later)
  • DL means Drivers Licence # (If you do not have a drivers licence, use an ID, Visa, or Passport number and add a note in the Notes block below)
  • Division - Co-Ed or Competitive
  • In the notes block, indicate if you are playing in the other league and team name too
Next select Continue, this will take you to a page to review your data, if it all looks good select Check Out.

Next page is the Payment Information page.  You must complete this to finish your registration.  It is self explanatory.

Once all your payment information is entered correctly, select Complete This Registration button.

Finally, you will be on the Print Receipt page.  Recommend you print a copy or email it to yourself and then forward that email to our association email account at or to our Registrar (or both).  Seeing this page on your phone is not what we are looking for. 

  • When you select Email Receipt, you will automatically receive an email to the account you entered into your profile.  No excuses, this is not difficult.
Please contact us if you have difficulties.  If you do not remember your login and/or password, email to have it resent to you.

The sooner you complete this, the easier it will be to get your player card and for your team captains to complete team rosters.  

State Registration Site (SportsPilot).

Our Leagues
  • COED is Men Over 30 and Women over 18 (Graduated from High School also).  These leagues are minimal contact, find out more here...
  • COMPETITIVE is anyone over 18 who wishes to play higher level soccer.  Find out more here...