Recreational League

Start date for the Recreational (Coed) indoor Winter League is Jan 5, 2014.  All games are played at the YMCA.

Team and player sign up for the Winter Session is closed.  Those needing to pay their fees must do so prior to playing on Jan 5th.  See the schedule for game times.

This league is for Men 30 yrs and older and Women 18 yrs and older and graduated from High School.
Roster sizes - maximum of 10, minimum of 8 players.  All rosters must have at least 2 women players.
Anyone planning to begin a new team must meet the minimum roster requirements.  
Cost per player is $45 to join this league + $10 for new player card ($5 for returning members who turn in their old card)
Every player must sign their teams roster in person at registration.

People interested in joining this League may contact the Coed League Coordinator, or any of the board members
  • This league that falls under USASA, as such all players are required to remove jewelry and wear appropriate protective equipment, i.e shin guards/pads
  • There will be assigned officials to oversee the league rules and soccer laws of the game
    • Aggressive contact and play is to be kept to a minimum
    • Do not pin people in corners
    • Keep shots low, hard wild shots that cannot be kept on goal are dangerous
    • There is no goal tending, every player is a field player, the last defensive player needs to remain on his/her feet, i.e kneeling sideways on the floor is not acceptable
    • Absolutely NO Sliding
  • If one team shows up without ladies available they play a man down (example: 5 men vs 6 men/women or in the small gym 4 men vs 5 men/women)
  • If a team is short, efforts should be made to fill with the opposing team first so both teams can play at full strength
Joseph Sabrowski,
Jan 4, 2012, 8:27 PM
Joseph Sabrowski,
Jan 4, 2012, 8:27 PM