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Past Projects

Summer 2011 School Supplies Drive
WPCNS held a school supplies drive so that Lea students and teachers could start the year off in well-stocked classrooms. Each classroom received one box of supplies. The drive collected a total of 
120 one-subject notebooks, 45 composition notebooks, 20 other notebooks, 40 packs looseleaf paper, 25 small pencil sharpeners, three heavy-duty classroom pencil sharpeners (w/ holes of various sizes, including big enough for thick pencils), 144 thick pencils for beginning writers, 1400 regular pencils, 300 pens and much more! Many thanks to University Dollar Plus and St. Mary's Nursery for serving as drop off sites!
Photo courtesy of Mike Lyons, West Philly Local

Summer 2011 Book Drive
WPCNS held a book drive for Lea's classroom libraries. Each classroom in Kindergarten through 3rd grade received two bins of books and the 4th through 8th grade classrooms received one bin of books. 
All books were labeled by guided reading levels so that students can choose appropriately.  Lea also received baskets for science books, art books and one for parent resources. In addition, there were several boxes of books for students to take home for their personal libraries. Many thanks to Bindlestiff Books for serving as drop off site!
Photo courtesy of Mike Lyons, West Philly Local

LEAmonade Stand, May 28, 2011
WPCNS held LEAmonade sale near the southwest corner of 45th & Chester near Clark Park (thanks to Amy D'Antonio & Nate, shown in the photo) beginning at 9:00 a.m. Many community residents treated themselves with cold glass of LEAmonade to help the Henry Lea Elementary kindergarteners stay cool! Proceeds of this sale go towards air conditioners for the Lea Elementary kindergarten rooms. At $1 per glass, we made $165 toward cooling the Kindergarteners!! Way to go everyone!

Photo courtesy of Amy D'Antonio

Lea Kindergarten Open House, May 23, 2011
WPCNS helped plan and publicize the May 23rd Kindergarten Open House where 60 community members and prospective parents attended a meet and greet with Lea’s principal and staff, toured the school and visited the classes of its fantastic kindergarten teachers, Ms. McCloskey and Ms. Mykytiuch.

Photo courtesy of Amara Rockar

How to Walk to Lea, May 5, 2011
Lea Elementary, WPCNS and the Enterprise Center CDC hosted a talk by Jacqueline Edelberg, co-author of How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance, with 125 community members in attendance. A panel discussion followed with Lea HSA President Maurice Jones, Sterling Baltimore, the director of the Lea Community School (afterschool program), Stanford Thompson, the director of Tune Up Philly and Greenfield Elementary Principal Daniel Lazar, who completed his Penn Graduate School of Education work component at Lea. During the event, Stanford Thompson committed to bringing his afterschool classical music instruction program to Lea. The consensus of the evening was that with increased community and parent involvement, Lea Elementary can become not only a premier neighborhood school but a true meeting place for the surrounding community.
Photo courtesy of Mike Lyons, West Philly Local