Owen's Creek Park *Riverstar*

On January 23rd 2011, the West Park View Community League was recognized as a River Star by The Elizabeth River Project.  A framed photo and plaque were presented to us in recognition of the significant contributions to the improvement of wetlands and watershed of the area near the Elizabeth River.  Specifically, our community has built a park and improvements to the wetlands area along Owens Creek, a tributary of Scotts Creek which in turn flows to the Elizabeth River.  Major funding to establish the grounds as a park was by way of a grant.  However, subsequent improvements have been funded via membership dues, fund raising events, and much sweat equity by residents.  Just as important as the funding was the vision, the drive and determination of the residents to see the project through.  Our park is dynamic.  Improvements and maintenance are continuing and are provided in large measure by the residents of West Park View.