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Membership fee increase.

posted 17 Jan 2017, 04:38 by WSM RS

Please note the membership fee has increased to £15.
This was agreed at the AGM held on January 16th 2017.
A show of hands voted in favour of this increase, the fee had been held at £10 since 2001.

AGM Minutes 2016

posted 18 Dec 2016, 11:08 by WSM RS   [ updated 24 Dec 2016, 05:23 ]

The 2016 AGM minutes are available.
Please click on the Doc below.

Intermediate Training Available.

posted 5 Nov 2016, 15:30 by WSM RS

Training for the Intermediate Exam is to begin on Tuesday 29th November at 7.00 pm at the Social Club HQ.
Currently there are four people wishing to train for this, but if anyone else is to take advantage of the course
please contact me or Dave G4OKO and they will be welcome. 
It is expected that all students have the RSGB Intermediate course book and that they have read through the book 
before the course begins, sufficiently to know what it entails.
Mike M0VLN 

The Radio Rally Was A Success........

posted 4 Oct 2016, 07:49 by WSM RS

The WSMRS Radio and Electronics Rally took place on the 18th September with over 20 exhibitors, an auction sale of secondhand items, and a lecture entitled "Direction finding in Amateur Radio". A very happy atmosphere permeated the Campus Hall with over 200 visitors eagerly snapping up the bargains. The  traders all had a good day and wish to come next year. For our first indoor event we are very satisfied with the outcome and definitely plan to repeat it next year. More traders have since expressed an interest and if possible we should like the next one to be bigger, depending on availability of a second hall. We think that there is a definite need for a rally in our part of the world and the result of this bears that out.
A big "thank you" to all the club members who worked to make it a success. Hooray!

Mike M0VLN Chairman

Rally Update:-

posted 15 Sep 2016, 10:21 by WSM RS

The Rally is this Sunday, all the tables are now fully booked and  the Weston super Mare Radio Society is looking forward to greeting you all at the Campus Community Centre. Unfortunately parking is now limited at the Campus due to construction work but additional free parking is available at the District Shopping Centre next to Morrisons. Just walk down the side of Boots to the Campus front entrance. Definitely see you there - should be good.

Mike M0VLN on behalf of the rally committee.

Volunteers Needed

posted 30 Aug 2016, 16:03 by WSM RS

More Volunteers are required for our rally,
Please contact Mike M0VLN


Dave G4CXQ

if you are able to help on the 18th September for OUR radio rally.

Chairmanship View:- A.K.A. My time at the German Radio Rally.

posted 9 Aug 2016, 15:02 by WSM RS   [ updated 9 Aug 2016, 15:06 ]

Friedricheshaven Radio Rally morning of 24th June at the Hamburg Vintage Military Radio Society Stand.


I was listening to Fitz in QSO using an immaculate German WW2 receiver and matching transmitter. I had already introduced myself as coming from England and , of course as the Referendum results had been announced that morning, he naturally had asked my views.

Anyway, he was in QSO with DL1TD and I soon realised that Delta Lima one Top Dog was none other than Angela Merkle , Chancellor of the German government. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that she was not happy about the BREXIT win and couldn't understand why it had gone that way.

Well, Fitz then said “I've got an English gentleman here who put his thumbs up for the BREXIT success, would you like to speak to him?” 

So began an interesting QSO with me. After exchanging callsigns and the usual pleasantries Angela asked me why I thought so many were not happy with the EU. I said that the basic issue for me was a lack of democracy within the EU . She replied that in Germany they were quite “cool” about democracy.

Now follows my transcript of our QSO. She has pass3ed it to me.


Hmm, Geehrte Angela, let me see if I can help you understand how we English feel about this democracy thing or more especially the lack of it. A long time ago the Romans invaded England, well not so much an invasion as an exercise in Cultural Education. They found that the Scotlanders were bashing hell out other Scotlanders and when they got bored with that they would come down to England and do a bit of murdering. Well, the Romans put a stop to that by building a darn great  wall with forts on it. I'll tell you we very grateful to them 'cos those Scotlanders have always been a right pain so to speak. Then the Romans built big houses and hotels with hot tubs, we hadn't seen anything like it. Then they wanted roads made of stones to link them all up. They got us to do that, putting all the stones together. It was great! We had full time employment and Oh, how proud they were walking up and down their roads with us looking on. Sinitster ,dexter, sinister, dexter ! with their helmets glinting, white skirts and no pants on. Anyway, one day it started raining and they all went home. Next we had the Norman Invasion , a thoroughly nasty lot, French you see, they won of course, so that was one nil to them. Although they had good Guildsmen and built magnificent buildings, chuches and that, they killed everyone that went into them. But those Frenchies kept having a go at us for centuries, never scored another goal though. Then there were the Spanish, what was all that about. Its a good job the 20p in the slot telescope was working on the Hoe that day. Trying to steal our fishing rights, I expect. The Dutch had a go and your lot had a couple of big goes at us, you didn't win though or step on English soil. Well, except for the Channel Islands, but we pinched them off the Frenchies and nobody can afford to live there anyway.

So you see all these invasions the English have had to put up with have  cost millions of lives  and I dont suppose many of them wanted to die or, really, do the fighting. The responsibility for all this death and destruction lies with just a few people who had the egotistical power to instill fervour, excitement and rage in an otherwise peaceful race who probably just wanted to get on and water their turnips. No, it was the Kings and Queens and Emperors and jumped up idiots who caused all the warring just so they could get their own way over something or another or declare themselves all powerful. So we English did something about it. First we made it so the monarchy cant take us to war,  i.e. don't have the right to. Then we invented democracy in Parliament and everyone could have say in what was going to happen, so long as you were rich enough. Eventually we let everyone have a say if you didn't have a penny to your name and even if you were a woman! All this voting and having a say in things is very precious to us and hard won. We are very sensitive about it.

Well, we've belonged to the EU for forty years now and we haven't seen much voting or us having a say  in EU affairs. We just get told what's been decided, I'll tell you we are all talking about it whether its politically correct or not. We were not happy and Mr. Cameron knew that and didn't have much choice but to call a referendum. 

Back to you DL1Top Dog de DL/M0VLN.

DL1Top Dog returning, well, Mike, I do see the point but as I said to Mr. Cameron if you do have this Referendum, let me remind of the cushy number I promised you in the EU after your term of office ends. You had better make it go the right way. Of course he said to me “ Oh, don't worry about that  I'm a good speaker and I've got all the big boys on my side, the Bank of England, everyone. Besides, which, the public haven't got a clue really, it'll be a pushover you'll see.”


Oh mien Gott! Now I have to go on TV tonight, with the French president and the Italian  Prime minister and show we are still of one Accord. I shall have my right hand  up the back-side of Mr. Hollande to maken his mouth to move up and down and I shall have my left hand up the back-side of the Italian PM to maken his mouth to move up and down. Then we shall all be saying the same thing. Accord! But really it will be just me. Hi Hi. The other 24 countries will not say anything, I will speak for them. It is a pity I didn't have a third hand and then I could have put it up the back-side of Mr Cameron.

Over to you Mike

DL/M0VLN de DL1top dog.


DL/M0VLN returning. Well,  Angela I can see you have your hands full. Danke fur der QSO. Seiben drei, DL/M0VLN now closing with you passing back to Fitz.


Radio Rally Subcommittee Formed.

posted 11 Jul 2016, 15:04 by WSM RS

A subcommittee has been formed to assist with the organisation and planning for the Weston-super-Mare Radio Rally on 18th September 2016.  The chair of the sub committee is Dave G4CXQ.  Dave will be the point of contact for all enquiries with respect to the organisation of the rally.   If arrangements have been made already, it would be very helpful if contact can be made with Dave to confirm tables booked.

The introduction of a subcommittee has come about due to unforeseen circumstances whilst Mike M0VLN is temporarily unavailable.  

Please contact Dave at

The CW Field Day - Tony G4KMB Report

posted 10 Jun 2016, 09:23 by WSM RS   [ updated 10 Jun 2016, 09:36 ]

CW Field day 2016

The CW Field Day was a very successful event this year. Held in a field between Shiplate and Loxton 10 members assembled at 10am to help erect the sturdy yellow tent and the antenna. Following numerous problems in years gone by, Dave G4CXQ had kept a very handy note on the positioning of the various metal posts and the tent went up with very few problems. The inverted V antenna with 160 metre extenders with a central mast lashed to a corner of the tent and one end lashed to a convenient BT pole erecting it was a very straight forward operation. With the generator positioned about 20 metres away the equipment was soon installed and with Chairman Mike's cooking area nearby everything looked set. 

Using the club's Kenwood 940 transceiver and the MFJ autotune ATU the station was up and running by 1230. It was hoped that the contest logging would be done on N1MM but the old version on the club's computer did not seem to work well with the Winkey and Jim M0JWB did travel back to his home and return with his own computer but during his absence SD was loaded and everything seemed to work and as he hadn't returned by 1545 a decision was made to use that programme. 

Mike's cooking was in full swing with hamburgers and coffee provided for all. At 4pm G4CXQ got things going on 40 metres and after a couple of hours Jim M0JWB got stuck in and worked a lot on 80 metres until 2130. After taking Kandi the dog home the club's star contester Peter G3TJE took over with CXQ for company and between them worked nearly 100 stations on top band and double points. Tony G4KMB was able to go to his camper van for some sleep and appeared at about 4.30am to a very warm tent (courtesy of Alastair's new heater) and give them a break. KMB & CXQ are normally search and pounce operators but decided that if they worked jointly they could attempt a CQ operation. Copying call signs in a contest with lots of QRM is not easy but with two listening it seemed to boost their confidence and they built up a reasonable score on 20 and 40 metres. 

The much appreciated chef Mike appeared around 6.30 and cooked all participants an excellent breakfast and with a couple of VK and one ZL contacts things were going well. The day continued mainly on 20 & 40 metres with TJE CXQ and KMB in roughly one hours sessions until the finish at 4pm. The number of contacts had reached 649 which was our highest score for some years. With the sun shining there was a nice relaxed atmosphere with various members calling in to see how things were going and staying until the end to help dismantle everything. All in all a great weekend and thanks go to the following members for their help in making it all happen.


Alastair G7VIV

Paul G3SDH

Martin 20MXJ

Martin G7UWI

Dave G4OKO


Toni M6TNF

Morris G1PIB

Julian M0JCE


Chairmanship View

posted 29 May 2016, 10:58 by WSM RS   [ updated 12 Jun 2016, 07:06 ]

Now the weather is warming up, we can look forward to some outdoor activities in our Society with a better degree of comfort than May. This weekend 4th and 5th June is the annual CW Field Day event being held in the farmers field at Loxton. This is located at the junction of Whitehouse Lane on the Bleadon to Loxton road. A sign will be prominent. The contest starts at 4.00pm on Saturday and finishes at 4.00pm on Sunday, 24 hours non-stop. We need to meet there in the morning at around 10.00 aim to erect the tent and aerials and install the station. All volunteers are welcome to assist in this traditionally arduous task. So if you're free on Saturday morning please come along. I usually provide a BBQ on Sunday Afternoon before packing up. This gives everyone a chance of a social gathering (bring a chair) and to congratulate the few who have endured the long contest for the WSMRS.

Once again we will be showing at the Armed Forces Day (actually two days) on the Beach Lawns on Weston's seafront. This gives us an unique opportunity to display to the public the activities of our Society and show Amateur Radio as a modern and progressive hobby. In the past we have gained members from this event, we have also gained experience on being more professional with our presentation. You all can help to make this an even better success by coming along and just talking to the public when they show an interest i.e. giving the impression that the hobby is SOCIAL and for ANYONE, not just the "brain-boxes" of this world. Again, we will need volunteers to erect the Stand and create displays in the morning of SATURDAY 18th June from 8.00am and again to pack up on SUNDAY 19th. in the afternoon. We will be discussing this event on Monday nights to make sure all is covered properly.

Our Main meeting is on June 20th, at the Social club when Phil Whitchurch G3SWH  has very kindly offered to talk of his experiences  on DXpeditions. There will be a raffle with good prizes as usual and comments about the previous two days.

Still to be finalized, volunteers have offered to man a station at the Helicopter Museum's Control Tower with ,hopefully, a good aerial arrangement and noise free location. This will take place on either Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th June (depending on availability of the operators.) This is an opportunity to use the facilities and every chance of having a permanent station set up there. We have volunteered to help with setting up a public morse practice system at the old pilot's room exhibition and so far we have two morse keys suitable and audio oscillators are being built for it. In the Control Tower we have volunteered to assist in making an equipment display panel to go under the desk. This will be fake but convincing to the inexperienced, hopefully. Anyone who thinks they can assist in this project please see me.

Finally, Five of us club members are going to the large Radio Rally in Germany at Friedricheshafen from 23rd June to 28th June. This Rally is,I understand, the largest one in Europe and is held over three days. Apparently it takes that long to get round it. This will my first time and I'm really excited and looking forward to it.

It's true that you get out of life what you put into it and there's plenty in June to do at the WSMRS.

See you,

Mike M0VLN 

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