Unbuilt Highways


New York has been advocating that NY 17 be designated I-86 for decades now.  I-486 was first proposed in 1971.  However, I-86 was not designated until the late 1990s so I-486 was designated I-390.  I-390's extension north of exit 15 (I-590) was blocked by the city of Rochester.  It was to have had interchanges at Elmwood Ave and Clinton Ave, running parallel to I-490 between Goodman Ave and Clinton Ave.


I-990 was built from I-290 to exit 4 (North French Rd) in the 1980s.  Around 1990 it was extended to exit 5 (NY 263).  It was planned to have extended to Lockport.  A mile long stretch in Lockport was build and is known as the Lockport Bypass.  Most transportation planners doubt the road will be extended from its present ending.

Lake Ontario State Parkway

The parkway was originally built from Hamlin Beach to Lake Road.  It was extended from Hamlin Beach to Lakeside Beach (this stretch allows commercial vehicles).  It was planned to have extended from Lakeside Beach to Fort Niagara and the Robert Moses State Parkway as well as from Lake Road to NY 590 through Durand Park along the old railroad tracks.

View the Highways

I have created a Google map showing the unbuilt/former/planned highways in the area; it is mostly based on the maps shown on Doug Kerr's Planned New York page.