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The Westmoreland Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization that was founded on the principle of seeking out knowledge and truth from what seems to be unknown. In 2011, Temperance and Angela Gennaro, set out to find evidence of an unseen world beyond the physical and to find the deeper truths to their existence. 

Our group, now, exists with a membership of 10 professionals in the field of Paranormal Investigation, committed to helping those in Spirit who are lost, as well as those in the physical experiencing unusual activity in their environment of what they find no explanation. Our purpose is to document our investigations, for the purpose of determining if it is caused by a paranormal or a mundane source and what can be done to bring the area into balance.  We hope, in the process, to answer our own questions also, about that which exists beyond the mundane world as we know it.

"In the darkest shadows, we seek the truth."


What To Expect From Our Investigation

The Initial Interview
Prior to the actual investigation, we prefer to meet briefly, at the site of interest, for an interview. We will ask questions about what you have experienced, gather facts about the site and any witnesses, and take a quick walk-through to take initial readings of the area to be investigated. 

During the initial interview, we will ask that you sign a form requesting access to your property.  This form gives us your permission to investigate your property on the agreed upon day, between the agreed upon hours.

The Investigation
We may ask that on the day of the investigation that you, or a representative, please give our group of investigators a guided tour of your property prior to the investigation, if possible, so that we can better understand your situation and learn our way around.

We will choose a “base of operations” in an area of the site to serve as a meeting place for our investigators prior to, during, and after the investigation.  Depending on the size of the site, and the number of investigators attending, it may be necessary to organize shifts of investigation.
(Ex. One group of three investigating from 10pm-12am, another group of three from 12am-2pm).

In order for us to conduct an efficient investigation, the following conditions are necessary:
1. Nighttime hours of access - We tend to get better results during the nighttime hours, when the world is more quiet. Our cameras can pick up more activity in the dark. With complete silence, our recorders can more easily pick up any sounds that may be found questionable. Any sounds (such as alarm clocks and cell phones) are asked to be turned off during our investigation.  
2. It is recommended that all children under the age of 18, as well as, all animals/pets be absent during the investigation (for their safety and that of our investigators).  
3. We have found that having as few people in the house as possible, aside from our investigators helps to eliminate excess noise and commotion.
3. The time of the New Moon or Full noon may also be a preference for our investigation, if possible.

We may use such investigative tools as:
1. Photography, both standard and infrared
2. Videography
2. Small tape recording units, for documentation of our efforts
3. Small handheld electric field sensing devices
4. Motion detectors
5. Other tools, such as flashlights, thermometers, compasses, etc. 

We are continuously adding new equipment, to enhance our investigations, to get the most accurate results.

After the Investigation
Our results will be reviewed from all possible evidence compiled, from our equipment and presentations from the investigators' experiences, in the time following the investigation. It can be a timely process going over it all, depending on how much we gathered.  They will be presented to you afterwards, in a followup visit scheduled at the convenience of both you and our group.

If cleansing of the property is requested and not concluded immediately following the investigation, we will schedule a time for this also.

The Westmoreland Paranormal Society respects your right to privacy. Your identity and the location of the investigation will be kept confidential, along with all of the information and evidence collected in the investigation, until being reviewed by you. At that time, we will ask you to sign a form so that you may choose your level of confidentiality.

When scheduling an appointment with us for both the initial interview and investigation, please keep in mind that we do this service on a voluntary basis. We all have jobs that keep us busy during daytime hours, and some evenings. With ten of us in the group, it takes time to notify everyone and see who can attend. Most of us need advanced notification to call off work or arrange changes with our families to attend. We ask that you be patient with us during the process. 

*If you feel you have an emergency, or feel you are in danger, we advise you to leave the location immediately and call either the authorities about your issue, or your nearest Catholic Church, if you believe your issue is possibly of a demonic nature.


We hope you enjoy what we share on our pages. On our journeys to the Truth,  we have collected an enormous amount of EVPs, photographs, and videos that you will see in our Gallery and be adding more from time to time.  But, please keep in mind that with respect to the owners of these locations we have investigated, we will share only those of which we have their permission. Respect for the owners, their homes, and their wishes, along with the spirits on and within the locations, is paramount in our work. 

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