Confirmation: Transformed in Christ

We next plan to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in the summer of 2019.  Please let Anne & John Milward or Fr Dylan know if you have a child in this category

For youth before confirmation, and after it, the youth group meets on the 3rd Friday of each month.  The meetings combine social activities and formation (usually led by Fr Dylan)

Who can be Confirmed?
  • Those age 14-15 (year 10 in school) or older.  We are focusing on this age so that we can use the fantastic new ‘Transformed in Christ’ programme
  • Someone wanting to follow Christ and already manifesting this by weekly attendance at Sunday Mass
  • Those able to take part in the formation, 24 sessions spread out across the school year (probably September-May).  This is a significant commitment of time and energy, even more than that involved in committing yourself to a school sports programme etc, and indicates that this is a major step in your life 

The acclaimed 'Transformed in Christ' Confirmation programme has been recommended by our Bishop.  The course uses video clips, activities, strong content well presented, systematically integrated with prayer and a social dimension.  Click here for more info

Here are two examples of the YouTube links used:
Child Einstein refuting argument that God is evil

Kalam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

Our catechists and candidates will have file-permissions to view all the video clips at the GoogleDrive folder here