Finding God in Ordinary Life: Talk Series

Lent 2018, Fr Dylan will be leading us in a practical talk series offering 6 key tools for finding God in ordinary life.  This was the most well-received series he ever gave in his last parish and he hopes you'll find it worthwhile here too!

Each evening will consist of a half-hour talk followed by a half-hour for questions and discussion 

Dates and more details will appear in the newsletter in due course

(1) Sanctifying Ordinary Life 

God has entered ordinary life by becoming incarnate in Jesus.  As a result every aspect of ordinary life can be a place where we can find Him and be something that is brought to Him


(2) A 'Plan of Life'

Holiness does not happen by accident!  This evening's session will examine how to develop "a plan of life" that is a specific and progressive strategy for adapting the tools used by the saints into something small and do-able enough for you to meet God in the hours of your day.


(3) Being 'sons in the Son'

The goal of the Christian life is to become adopted as a child of God, adopted in Christ as 'sons in the Son'.   This doctrine underpins our whole identity as Christians and determines what we are seeking for in 'holiness'.


(4) Order & 'the Heroic Minute'

Living a 'life in the Spirit' does not mean living a life of disorder!  Tonight's session will examine how to identify the 'hinges' that enable us to put patterns of order and discipline into our lives -the order we need if we are to be free for Christ to enter in.


(5) A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Do I relate to God in the impersonal remote manner characterized by Islam, Buddhism or the pre-Christian religions?  Or do I know and love Him personally, "as a friend knows a friend"?


(6) Self Denial & Mortification: the path to new life

Our final session will look at the neglected place of self-denial and mortification.  'Mortification' means dying to ourselves that Christ might come to life in us